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Making Money Online - Its All About Exposure

Guest post by Carael Knight

Exposure, exposure, exposure. This is the name of the game on marketing on the internet. I don't care what anyone else will tell you. Exposure equals traffic and traffic equals sales. Marketing on the internet is really not that difficult once you have a strategic plan of action in place. Now lets break this down even further for a second so that you can have a better understanding of what marketing is. The first you must do is, find a niche or something of interest to you that you would like to market and make money online. It doesn't necessarily have to be your passion but at the same time, if your very passionate about something, in my experience, ideas comes to you better and more often.

The second thing to do is find places such as websites, blogs or anything of similar niches so that you all can network and share ideas. This will be like, "killing two birds with one stone" because it will not only boost your credibility, but it gives you backlinks to your site/blogs, thus producing the end result which is exposure. Always network with people, companies, webmasters, internet business owners that are in your industry. You never
know who can help you or where your next "big break" will come from.

Marketing on the internet is like "independent marketing" because you make it what it is. Whatever you put in it is what your going to get out of it. If you really think about it, its not your product, service, or brand that you are marketing online, its really "yourself" (especially if no one knows you). This website is a prime example of what exposure actually is. As you all know, this is another website owners site but since we share the same niche, I've been blessed to have this article on this site as a guest post. This is some of the techniques that will definitely help you in your journey to make money online. You see, by networking with people online that are in your niche, is one of the best ways to build exposure.

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