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Setting up a Profitable E-Business Effectively to Make Money Online

The Internet is a good place to start a profitable business. Many people want to participate into the available online business opportunities so that they can build up their own Internet business and make a great deal of money online from time to time just like those successfully e-entrepreneurs.

However When it comes to setting up an online business, there is always concern about how much it costs to start the business, what are the tools required and what are the things that you must set up to make sure the business will run smoothly when it is live.

Basically starting an online business involves these steps:

1) Find and Research Your Niche Market
This is the very first step of set up a business online. You have to decide what to sell on the Internet. It can be a product, a service or a digital product (e-books, video, audio, software tools, etc). You can develop you own product or choose to sell other people products (affiliate marketing) or get the right wholesalers that can supply you the product constantly.

And then you got to do research to determine if there is a niche market or demand on what you intend to sell. You are not going to sell something that no one wants to buy. And then there is also market competitions you have to analyze. These are the things you must do to make sure you are starting a money making business.

2) Getting all the Tools you Need
A standard online business often has a website, a shopping cart, an auto-responder system and an auto-order processing system. Setting up each of these things takes time and work. Even though there are web designers you can hire to help you out on these technical stuff, but you do need to learn about them so that you are familiar with the process. When there is a small change need to be made, you can do it yourself.

3) Website Optimization
You are not going to make money online if your website doesn't convert traffic into leads or sales. So website optimization is very important. This is another area you have to learn.

Your website has to be optimize well - this will include changing the design, writing attention-grabbing title with good color and text formatting, placing image and graphic on the right locations, putting a form on the site to invite visitors to join your newsletter, adding video presentation and etc. Doing all these is necessary to improve your website conversion rate.

And then there is also search engine optimization (SEO) you have to take care of. The visitors from search engines like Google and Yahoo are often potential buyers. So, you definitely don't want to miss these targeted search engine traffic. You should make sure your website is optimized with the right keywords. This is called on-page optimization; it is the first part of SEO. It has to be done correctly to ensure you will get targeted traffic once you have also put in hard work on the second part of SEO which is off-page optimization.

These are the necessary steps to take in order to start a profitable business on the Internet. If you are new on the online business industry, setting up an online business with these steps could be difficult and confusing. There are load of free info that can help you, but you might find it too much to learn. One way to start an online business easier and effectively; and by pass part of the hard works is using a ecommerce consultant.

A professional firm that provides this specialized service is FitforCommerce. It is firm that really can help you whether you are trying to build new online business or improve an existing e-business. They will figure out what your really need and let you know where to find it from conducting market research to choosing ecommerce technology for your business and from designing site navigation to giving suggestions on website optimization.

These are just part of the services FitforCommerce offers, if you want to know how they can help you more on building a e-business to effectively make money online, you got to check out their site at http://www.fitforcommerce.com.
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Source Alan Liew

Using Question and Answer Websites for Affiliate Marketing

Question and answer sites are quite popular among people who are searching for specific information or have some knowledge to share. In these websites, users post their questions on any topic anyone could possibly think of and other users can post their answers. All questions and answers are then stored within the site. This way, those who do not wish to participate can still use the site by searching for topics that are of interest to them and viewing answers to other users' questions.

Today, the most popularly used question and answer site is Yahoo Answers. Among the most appealing features of the site is how users can select the best answer to any question. What's considered as the best answer then appears more prominently in the question's web page allowing other users to quickly view the most relevant information.

These question and answer sites can be very useful for people engaged in affiliate marketing. In sites like Yahoo Answers, affiliate marketers can simply search for questions that are related to their niche. This can be done either through the site's search function or going through the available categories. Whenever they find relevant questions, affiliate marketers can use their expertise on their niche to provide answers. Within the answers, affiliate marketing links should be included so users who are interested in reading more information will be directed to the affiliate marketer's site.

If you want this to work for making money online with affiliate marketing, try your best to provide detailed answers to questions that are related to what you have to offer. Never spam the question and answer site with your affiliate marketing information because that could be grounds for getting banned. For this reason, you should always provide useful information when answering questions. Be sure that you are subtle when including your affiliate marketing links and never allow yourself to sound like you're giving a sales pitch.

Question and answer sites are among the most useful free platforms marketers can use to increase their affiliate marketing commissions. By spending just a little time each day to provide informative answers to questions, affiliate marketers may have much to gain.
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Free Tele-Seminar: Using Social Media as a Profitable Business Tool

Social media sites are so hot these days. The biggest social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Digg, and Delicious are gaining hundreds of millions of visitors every month. Thus, these social media sites have seem to be great tools for building traffic and make money online.

But the big question on many people mind is: Are these websites really useful for generating traffic and profit online or just a waste of time?

David Riklan from SelfGrowth.com has the answer for you. David has spending months of time studying the social media marketing and interviewing with a lot of experts in this field. He even began to use and test social media marketing himself to see if it is really working. Well, the result he got is great!

David decided to share what he have learned and experienced on social marketing in a upcoming tele-seminar. The tele-seminar title is Using Social Media as a Profitable Business Tool. You can join this tele-seminar free at http://www.selfgrowth.com/socialmediapower3.html.

In this one-hour call, David is going to share with you how to use social media sites to build up your reputation, generate traffic and make money online effectively while avoiding the mistakes that many people are making.

This exclusive seminar will be held on next Monday and it is limited to 500 participants. If you want to reserve a spot to attend this tele-seminar, visit http://www.selfgrowth.com/socialmediapower3.html now and sign up.
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The How to Make Money Online Niche

Guest post by Locke from Yourblogismoney.com.

The make money online niche is an internet marketing playground that is so competitive that very few are able to make it to the first couple pages of the Google SERP’s (i.e. search engine ranking places). The reason that seems to be the case is fairly obvious and can be attributed to the fact that when people learn about search engine optimization they typically tend to stumble across the information when searching for the term, “make money online.”

In addition, because it is such a competitive niche, it becomes sort of a challenge in itself to rank and maintain ranking in the arena to prove themselves to other bloggers and webmasters. The funny thing is that if those people spent their energy targeting alternate niches like cosmetic surgery, dieting and health and even saltwater aquarium keeping, they would be able to make money online at a much quicker pace then those that are struggling to make it to the top in more competitive niches…

People that have made it to the top for a highly desired search term are regarded as experts and rightly so because of the extreme level of competition. There are a few methods that I use on a daily basis in order to track the growth and progress of my websites. The following tools are free and can be used immediately and they include:


This is a tool that you can use to track statistics such as visitor search terms, daily traffic, unique ip addresses and even the locations of your visitors. It is an extremely valuable tool that I use on all of my websites. It can be found at: www.statcounter.com

Rank Checker by SEO Tools

This is a fantastic Firefox plugin that lets you input keyword terms and your website to track the progress and ranking places of your targeted phrases. It will save the results so you can perform your searches on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This tool is amazing and I don’t know what I would do without it!

Some of the additional tools I use and would highly recommend although they will need to be purchased include: SEO Elite and Webcomp Analyzer.

The “how to make money online” niche is extremely challenging to break into and receive a large amount of organic search traffic. It is my recommendation to start with something a bit easier if you are hoping to make a living from internet marketing in the near future. At bare minimum I would recommend targeting a few other niches at the same time. More information about how to make money online and internet marketing techniques can be obtained on my website entitled Your Blog Is Money.

I’d like to thank Alan from MoneyMakerInfo for giving me the opportunity to write for his readers and I look forward to collaborating on future projects.
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Source Alan Liew

Three Signs That You Need to Rethink Your Online Business Model

At some point, any online business owner needs to make changes to his business model in order to continue to make money online. This is because the market as well as the online business environment continuously evolves. If an online business owner is not able to adapt his business model to those changes, he will ultimately fail to make money online.

There are a number of indicators that you need to rethink your online business model and most of them are actually quite obvious. However, many online business owners choose to ignore them and refuse to act on those signs. To be successful, look out for the three most commonly ignored warning signs listed below. Once you notice them, reflect on how you can tweak your online business model to avoid failure.

1. Your Profit Margins are Decreasing

More often than not, online business owners choose to have a constant profit margin and only increase expenditure when revenues increase. If you find that your profit margins are slowly decreasing, try to find out why. It may be because your sales are decreasing or you are spending more than you should.

2. Your Sales Growth is Slowing Down

Continuous growth is the only thing that will allow an online business to thrive. If your sales growth is slowing down, it may be because you have saturated your market or your potential customers are turning to your competitors. It may also be because your old customers are no longer buying from you. Determine what it is that is causing your sales growth to slow down and act on it right away.

3. Your Response Rates are Dropping

If your online business model involves direct marketing or depends heavily on your email marketing campaign, be sure you track your open rate and your response rate. Once you notice that these are dropping, you should realize that you are doing something wrong. You may want to improve your copy or make your offer more enticing.

These are just the three most commonly ignored warning signs that an online business owner should rethink his business model. Once you observe them, act on them quickly so you can avoid online business failure and continuously make money online.
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Source Alan Liew

How AdSense can Make You Money

Guest post by Mike Hammond

As a web publisher, there are many things you can do to monetize your websites and bring in a little (or sometimes a lot) of extra cash. One of those ways is Google AdSense, which is a great way for making money online. In this article we will take a look at exactly what it is, how it works, and how to use AdSense to make money online.

What is Google AdSense?
Google provides many services to webmasters and online businesses alike. They can help you to analyse your web traffic, optimise your web pages for better search results, and much more. The services we are interested in for the purposes of this article are the two related programs, AdSense and AdWords. At one time a revolutionary concept in online marketing, AdWords is a program that enables online businesses to advertise their websites alongside relevant content all over the web, in exchange for a fee every time an advert drives a visitor to their site. Those adverts, however, need places to be shown and this is where the partner service AdSense comes into play. AdSense is the other side of the coin, and the part that we as publishers are the most interested in to make easy money online. AdSense pays publishers that display adverts on their pages every time someone clicks on them.

How Does AdSense Work?
Google AdWords and AdSense are extremely clever technologies. By utilizing some sophisticated techniques, Google can basically analyse all of the content on your web page to show AdWords adverts on your site that match up with your content. For example, if you own a website about DIY and utilize AdSense on that site, the adverts will be targeted specifically at the DIY niche which in turn means more people are likely to find them useful. Simply put, by displaying relevant adverts on your website from Google, every time someone clicks on one of those ads, the advertiser gets charged and you get paid.

Easy Money
To get started with Google AdSense advertising and to start making money from your websites, all you need to do is sign up for an AdSense account. Once you have registered, Google will provide you with a small snippet of code to place wherever you want the adverts to show up. The adverts can easily be customized, come in all shapes and sizes to fill any advertising space you may have, and will nearly always match up to your website’s content with no extra effort on your part at all.

While in the beginning things can be slow, don’t give up! Sometimes it is simply about finding the right balance or the correct placement for your adverts, and of course you need the traffic coming in before you can monetize it. If you don’t have enough traffic visiting your sites and you want to be able to make money easily then you will have to spend time up front in optimising your site and adding content to improve your search result placement. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t make a million straight away, eventually most websites can become steady earners from AdSense alone if given enough TLC to begin with.
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Source Alan Liew

Evaluating the Benefits and Drawbacks of Free Web Traffic

A steady flow of good web traffic increases the potential of any web-based business to make money online but many online business owners know that internet marketing can be expensive. This is why online business owners are so attracted to free web traffic platforms. However, free platforms to gain web traffic have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Apart from the fact that they save website owners a lot of money, some methods to drive free web traffic can help you increase other people's awareness of your online business. Some of them can also help you establish your reputation. Among the methods that will allow you to do this are publishing articles on free article directories and increasing your presence in forums. These will help you attract visitors to your site through your resource box or your signature links.

However, free web traffic also comes with certain disadvantages. Among the most significant disadvantages is the fact that you are unlikely to get very targeted traffic. To some extent, article marketing and forum marketing can help you target your traffic as long as you publish content that are relevant to your offerings. However, other free traffic sources won't allow you to do the same. Safelist services, for example, will help you gain free traffic but will unlikely help you generate sales and leads. Auto-surf programs won't help you gain targeted traffic either and, because you will have to surf through other sites to gain credits. These traffic never convert. In fact, they could get your AdSense account banned if you put in an AdSense site into the program. Your time may be better spent pursuing other internet marketing activities.

Keep in mind that it is not enough to gain tons of traffic for your business website. Your ultimate goal should be to make money out of your visitors and there is no way you can do that if your traffic is not targeted. This is not to say that you shouldn't make use of free web traffic methods as they can still be very useful to your online business. After all, pursuing those free methods can't hurt you because they're free. What you need to do, though, is combine those free methods with paid strategies that have proven to increase targeted web traffic.

By making use of both paid and free methods, you can attract a huge number of visitors and make sure that you generate sales and leads at the same time. Using both methods strategically will not only help you gain visitors to your site but also make your online business profitable.
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My Plan to Write 333 eHow Articles in 3 Months

Guest post by Michael-John Wolfe, Owner of the Residuals & Royalties blog

A few months ago I found the Brainy Money Blog, written by a guy named Josh who detailed an interesting account of his pursuit of making money on eHow. Josh set a goal to write two eHow articles per day for 8 weeks - equaling 112 total articles, after the eight weeks were over Josh had earned $146.22 from these articles. That may seem like a low number for 56 hours of work. (One hour a day spent writing two articles.) But here's the kicker, Josh's numbers will only increase each month from now on! Josh will earn at least $146.22 every month exponentially. So while his hourly wage might be $2.61 per hour this past month, this wage will increase each month.

Josh showed me an ebook written by WriterGig - one of the top earners on eHow. (Simply search “writergig” under members on eHow and you will see the massive amount of articles she has completed.) WriterGig earns at least $1,000 per month on eHow and her ebook is an remarkable tool to help eHow writers who are just starting out. This book gives you crucial tips for optimizing your articles for eHow and getting the most earnings out of them. Writergig - aka "Maria" tells us that you should be able to average at least $3 per month, per article. Obviously this is a variable and some articles might earn $10 a month and some might earn $1. But if you buy her ebook – you will learn the secrets of producing articles that make the most money.

I have decided to personally challenge myself to have 333 articles completed by July 1st, 2009. (Essentially in 3 months.) Yesterday I wrote 14 articles and my total number of articles is 29, I have 304 more to go. By Writergig's calculations - 333 articles X $3 per article should net me $1,000 per month in residual income. Even if I am way off target and my articles only earn $1 per month, at the very least I will wind up with $333 per month in residual income. If anyone else out there wants to participate in this challenge with me – just let me know and we can track our progress and our earnings.

If you plan on writing your own eHow articles, WriterGig's ebook is a MUST have, you can buy it for only $25 and it will literally triple the earnings your articles will make: Click here to view more details.
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So You Want to Make Money Online

Guest Post by Jeff from onlinemoneymakingeasy.com

Who doesn’t want to make more money, right? I get pumped every time I find a new way to make money on the internet. The possibilities for online money making really are endless. The important thing to do when starting out looking for the opportunity that is right for you is to stop and think of what you know and what your passions are. In this post I will cover two of the most basic ways to get started making money online.

The first of these is the most obvious and common way – Paid Surveys. It is simple to start and you set the limit on your earnings depending on the time you have to put toward them. I am sure you have heard of websites that offer lists of companies lining up to pay your for your opinion. What you probably don’t realize is that not all of these sites are the same. Some sites offer these lists for free and some require a membership fee to gain access. So what is the difference and why pay for a list? Well, it can be the difference between getting $.50 per survey and getting $10.00 per survey. The sites that require a membership fee include surveys that on average pay more per survey than the free survey sites. Most of the paid survey sites also offer a list of focus groups you can participate in as well as other ways to make money. Focus group pay by the hour and have the potential for making a lot of cash.

The second way is to start a blog. The important thing to know when starting a blog site is to pick a topic you have some knowledge about. If you don’t you will find very quickly it is hard to write about something you have no experience with and no passion for doing. It is extremely important to keep your blog updated, daily if possible, with fresh content that people will be interested in and will continue visit your site or subscribe to your feed. When you get your blog started and some posts up you can start to focus on getting traffic through social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. Join them, get some followers, and recommend your blog. You will want to set up a Google Adsense account to monetize your blog and you can also sell advertising or promote affiliate products as well to make money. Just as is the case with paid surveys, there are programs you can purchase which step you through setting up, monetizing, and optimizing your blogs to maximize you potential to make money online.

I hope I have given you some helpful tips about how you can get started today making money online. Working from home and making a living online full time is a great feeling but like everything in life worth working for, it takes dedication and there is a learning curve. However, if you work hard and consistently, you will make money online.
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How To Improve SERPS by Increasing One-Way Links

Guest post by Lee Ka Hoong

As we know, strong and quality one-way link is the factor that improves our SERPS for our blog, of course optimize backlinks for keyword that you would like rank well. In order to make money online using AdSense, higher SERPS is the only way to achieve your goal. So, build more quality one-way link by doing the following steps, it's not 100% works but at least you gain something (link juice) :

1) Directory submission
Directory submission is one of the easiest ways to get one way links to a website. It's difficult to gain traffic but you can get one-way link by submitting your blog to blog directories.

2) Forums posting
It's better if you can find some forums that allow you insert your link in your signature, it's the best if the links are do-follow. You can gain traffics, at the mean time you gain some quality backlinks too.

3) Dofollow blogs
In blogosphere, not every blog give do-follow attribute to your comment, you won't gain any link juice by commenting but you can gain some referral traffics too. I've gone through the net and found this list.

4) Guest posting
Guest post is one of the great and awesome way in getting strong one-way link and traffics. I've been submitting a guest post to Liew and gain some traffics as well. It takes times, but it's good. You can consider to submit a guest post to my Make Money Online blog too. So far, I found that this is the most effectiveness way in building long term one-way link to blogs and websites.

5) Pinging sites
After you've posting your article, use pinging services to get more visibility and links for your blog.

6) Article submission
You can use article websites like ezinearticles, americanchronicle, findarticles, goarticles, articlecity etc kind of top article submission websites to get quality links and visitors for your sites.

7) Social media marketing
Create strong profile on social media sites like Digg, propeller, Reddit, Newsvine and submit your favorite stories there.

By following the tips, you can see the improvement on your SERPS and traffics. I found these useful because I've tried them personally. Kindly drop a comment and add in the rest if you have more tips.

Author Bio:
Lee is a part time blogger who own a blog that write about how to Make Money Online.
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Source Alan Liew

Making Money Online - Its All About Exposure

Guest post by Carael Knight

Exposure, exposure, exposure. This is the name of the game on marketing on the internet. I don't care what anyone else will tell you. Exposure equals traffic and traffic equals sales. Marketing on the internet is really not that difficult once you have a strategic plan of action in place. Now lets break this down even further for a second so that you can have a better understanding of what marketing is. The first you must do is, find a niche or something of interest to you that you would like to market and make money online. It doesn't necessarily have to be your passion but at the same time, if your very passionate about something, in my experience, ideas comes to you better and more often.

The second thing to do is find places such as websites, blogs or anything of similar niches so that you all can network and share ideas. This will be like, "killing two birds with one stone" because it will not only boost your credibility, but it gives you backlinks to your site/blogs, thus producing the end result which is exposure. Always network with people, companies, webmasters, internet business owners that are in your industry. You never
know who can help you or where your next "big break" will come from.

Marketing on the internet is like "independent marketing" because you make it what it is. Whatever you put in it is what your going to get out of it. If you really think about it, its not your product, service, or brand that you are marketing online, its really "yourself" (especially if no one knows you). This website is a prime example of what exposure actually is. As you all know, this is another website owners site but since we share the same niche, I've been blessed to have this article on this site as a guest post. This is some of the techniques that will definitely help you in your journey to make money online. You see, by networking with people online that are in your niche, is one of the best ways to build exposure.

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Source Alan Liew

Article Writing Strategies to Make Money Online

With the rising number of lucrative opportunities littering the web, it is no longer a question of how to make money online. The real question now is how to increase profits from various online activities, from buying and selling, affiliate marketing, directory management and of course, article writing.

Article writing has taken the craft of writing several notches up as profitable venture that writers can conveniently enjoy at home. The demand for writing services varies from informative articles, to product reviews, to blogs, to press releases and to directory list taglines. The subjects covered by online writers and marketers are encompassing, ranging from health, entertainment, finance, travel, to name a few.

Article writing as a tool to make money online requires more than tinkering on your keyboard to craft a collection of words that attribute to one general idea. Certain strategies have to be observed by serious online writers to ensure the quality and efficiency of each article made and published online. Here are some pointers.

Incorporate search engine optimization or SEO features in your article. Use keywords that have been calculated to be among the widely searched keywords by internet users. SEO is a marketing tool that you can employ to improve the status of your article or blog in search engine result listings. Successfully incorporating SEO will take your page closer to potential viewers, thus increasing the traffic of your site.

Blend in SEO keywords as naturally as possible. Writing for articles online entail efficiency and quality that should not compromise either the profit-generating and informative objective of the article. Proper keyword placement is not only beneficial to the look of your site and the quality of your article, but also in the relevance rate of your content. Including too many keywords will send your site and your article to the base line along with other spam-labeled pieces.

Bank on building links with other sites and blogs. Readers check the credibility of web content by the depth of its discussion. If you are writing on a sizeable topic, insert links that readers can follow to understand the subject better. Advertising links are portals to make money online while enhancing the scope of your article.

Organize and manage your site or blog using tools and plug-ins that you can get for free. These online features will do the publication of your work more justice by creating a pleasant and inviting background to pair a well-written work.
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Source Alan Liew

A Booming Online Business: E-book Selling

Low-cost self-help e-books that deal with money making schemes and such on- and offline are in high demand these days. This is because people are slowly opening their eyes to the benefits that the internet and technology bring to marketing their products and even services. Also, these e-books help the regular internet surfer get ideas on what he can do to earn as he does so. E-book selling is indeed now a booming business today.

E-book selling can net you 100% profit compared to the 10 to 25% that you usually get from those of traditional businesses. The business scheme is likely cheaper than selling books which have been published in print simply because it’s free to publish such things on line than getting a publishing company to print your work for you on paper. There is also less barriers you need to go through when e-book selling as opposed to getting your work published by renowned printing companies.

Before you can sell your e-books, however, here are some things you need to know to market your e-book wisely. First tip is to fully understand the nature of your business and the e-book itself. Should you let your clients download freely as they pay? Or should your clients achieve a certain level first before they could avail of the e-book you’re selling? Either way you choose, you can be assured that this will keep your clients of being dissatisfied with the product or rather, the e-book. Second, you should establish guidelines on who is able to download or access the product. You can either set up a password for your customers after providing them a sample of your work for preview or you could allow them to download it and then ask them to pay for it as they’ve read a part of it. Lastly, determine the use of your e-book. Is it for personal use? Is it for business use? How about to help your target market, the students, with their academics? This will, in turn, determine your target market.

Clients pay for e-books using their credit cards. In selling e-books, you should establish a reliable payment method that does not compromise their personal information. This can help establish trust between you and your customers. Their personal information should be protected from those who would want to exploit their personal information for other means.
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Burst the Economic Recession and Make Money Using the Internet

Despite there are some positive economic news released lately, it is still very uncertain that when the economy will start recovering. You might be one of the unlucky persons who already lost your job months ago and is in need of money to pay off your bills.

With many Internet based money making opportunities available now, you can do some searches on the Internet to see which opportunity is best for you to earn money.

Whichever opportunity you choose to make money online, you must first take time to learn the basic, how to get started and the methods that you can apply to generate revenue. My friends Imran has released a new e-book called 'How To Make Your First $1000 Online' written just to help you in all these aspects.

How To Make Your First $1000 Online will share with you 11 proven online business models. So, you will get to know how you can earn money online in 11 ways. Each of these online business models can potentially earn you a full-time income if you are willing to put the work in and some monetary investments.

How to know Which opportunity is for you from the 11 money making opportunities shared in the e-book?

I have worked hard on the Internet to make a living for more than 2 years. I found that staying focus is vital to achieve the result I expected on.

When you just begin on the Internet, you are suggested to choose an online business model that you like and then focus fully on the business. Don't choose a business model immediately just because it sounds very interesting and profitable to you.

You need to ask yourself first what you like to do, the field you are best in and what skills you have. For example, many people like to sell goods. So, it will probably the best option for them to set up a website or open an eBay account to market and sell their items for profits. Those who have skill in writing may turn their writing skill into money by publishing blog, becoming a freelance writers or creating their own 'how to' info-products and sell to a niche market online.

Thus, by knowing what hobby, skill and expertise you have, you can accurately determine which money making opportunity is for you and staying focus on it to succeed online.

How To Make Your First $1000 Online e-book shared also loads of methods and tips

The e-book doesn't just give you 11 Internet money making ideas and then lets you figure out how to start and succeed. It will give you proven methods, techniques and success tips for each of the business models. From getting started to working on the online business model you chose, you will have guide to ensure you move to the right way.

This e-book is for you if you are:

  • a complete beginner curious about how to make money at home using the Internet
  • already in Internet marketing for a while, gained some knowledge but haven't really make any money yet on the Internet
  • wondering how your existing skills can earn you cash from the Internet
  • bored with your day job and wanting to start a online business
Download a Copy of How To Make Your First $1000 Online Now
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Where Does Making Money Online Lead Us?

Guest post by Michelle Meine

Once in their lives, everyone gets fed up by their regular job. Millions of reasons can cause that -- from not being satisfied with the salary or with colleagues to some simple reasons like not feeling good about getting up early in the morning. It really depends on the person. Regular jobs are good because they guarantee you a regular, steady salary at the end of the month. Therefore, it provides certain security that you will be able to pay the bills. However, all the stress that you go through can sometimes lead to many health problems and many other things.

On the other hand, there is working and making money online. The best thing about working from home is that you are actually your own boss! You get up whenever you want, you do whatever you want. It's not like you have to do something that day -- if you think you can manage to do it tomorrow, then you'll do it tomorrow. You can take a day off anytime, without the need to go and beg your superiors. Of course, if you're good with time management, you can create more free time -- by outsourcing your work. You don't have to write 5 articles per day -- you can pay someone to do that job for you for a small fee. Of course, that isn't recommended in the very beginnings until you start earning more money, but you'll soon get there.

A woman from Ohio, who is working full time from home on the internet, when asked what she thinks is the main advantage of working from home, she replied: "I get to spend time with my kids!" And that's really true. Family people, if they're working from 9 to 5 (and especially if they have a second job) barely see their kids, and miss them a lot.

So, if we look at this from a objective perspective, where does making money online lead us? It leads us to being independent, being our own bosses, being able to spend more effective time with our kids and relatives, being able to do things you normally couldn't do because of the lack of time and many more things. If you're already in the online business, you know what I'm talking about. If you aren't, be sure to learn how to earn money online and start your online journey right away.
...

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How Email Marketing Can Directly Impact Your Online Business

The Internet is no doubt a powerful tool to market all sorts of products and services. When you have something to market and sell, the Internet can directly put you in touch with your potential buyers. And one low cost and effective way to do this is by setting up an email marketing campaign.

With email being free and easy to setup, many companies are now using it to contact their customers directly to inform them about new products. An email marketing campaign is a great way to deliver a message directly to your consumers and not have it filtered through other mediums. This is one of the best ways to not only promote your products and services but also spread the word about your business.

Email marketing can take a great many forms as well. You will be able to send out company newsletters, invitations, and just informational emails to those that are on your email marketing list. Emails are fast and efficient for many companies to spread the word about their new products or services to those that are interested in them.

When you launch a product or a service, it is only natural for you to be greatly concerned about the way that your market is going to react. Your business’ success, after all, depends on your customers’ positive reactions to the new product that you are offering.

As you surely know, every business must allocate a significant portion of its budget for its marketing efforts. This is also a reason to cause you some worry as it may be difficult to gauge the effectiveness of your various marketing campaigns.

When you are very concerned about the marketing campaign that you are using, there are more than a few marketing services that will help to alleviate some of your concerns. The email marketing service that you use can give you a head start on the campaign to start your business off on the right track. If you wish to ease some of your worries, you should consider hiring a professional service that will handle your email marketing campaign.

When you avail of an email marketing company’s services, you can rest assured that they are developing a strong plan to promote your products. You are taking advantage of their experience and expertise. With a reputable email marketing company on your side, you can be free to focus your efforts on the other aspects of your business.

Using an email marketing company can be a great way to build up relationships with your customers as well. They can help keep you in touch with your valuable customers regularly. Constant interaction with your customers will engender loyalty and help to keep them from buying products from your competitors instead of from you. Your loyal customers are the backbone of your business and you must not neglect them. This is the way that you can keep your business going strong for many years down the road.
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The J-Rod's $100K Income System

If there is a new money making system that seems to be working, would you think about giving it a try?

A guy name Jhonathan Rodriguez started from $0 to $40K per month just by using an automated system he created - The J-Rod's $100K Income System. This system has made a life-changing income for Jhonathan and he believes that this system will work for other people as well. So, he decided to share it.

A step-by-step plan has been written to let people learn and copy everything about the system to start making money. If you are in a hurry, he can visit the below link immediately to find out about how to get access to the $100K system to make money at home using your computer:


The $100K System is actually an online or home business system. It is created for beginners who want to make money at home but don't have the special computer knowledge and business experience. Jhonathan laid out everything in step-by-step guide so that you know how to use the system. But this isn't a fun and easy way of making money online. You do need to seriously work on it to succeed.

What the system is about and how it works?

As mentioned above it is an online business. You will have your products, website and other necessary marketing tools to make thing works. Jhonathan will teach you a simple method which is the post card marketing method that can be applied to promote your product get loads of targeted prospects. There is no need to call and talk to the prospects as your postcards will do all the marketing and selling for you. You will get access to an exclusive list of broker providing you with a hot list of target prospects to mail to.

You will use a website to generate profit. The postcard marketing will generate traffic for your website and then the website will convert the target prospects into sale and profit for you. Jhonathan will also let you access to his all other proven marketing and advertising methods like E-zines, magazines, and CPA advertising so that you can grow your business faster.

Everything is set up for you

All the tools that you need to get started and succeed with the system will be provided. Here's what you will get:

  • A customized website with your own domain name that is built to convert your prospects to income.
  • Customized E-mail follow up campaigns that will keep on market your business to your prospect.
  • The same postcards that Jhonathan has used to make money.
  • A bunch of promotional tools like videos, audios and autoresponder that you need to market your business.
  • And more......
Has Anyone Tried J-Rod's $100K Income System?

Actually Jhonathan already taught quite a lot of people to use his system to make money online. Those who have got good result with his system posted their success stories on Jhonathan's site. But of course not everyone gets good result. It depends on the effort put in and a little to do with luck.

This can be a great system for you to start making money online. You can take a tour on the J-Rod's $100K Income System at http://www.10k-10days.com/?tid=liew. You will get access to Jhonathan's video presentations that explain everything and decide if this is the opportunity you are looking for.
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How to Profit from CPA Affiliate Marketing

One of the top ways to earn from the internet is affiliate marketing. With the sky-rocketing number of internet-based companies offering affiliate marketing assistance, it is imperative that you can tell through which affiliate strategy your product or business will be best promoted. Today, Cost per Action or CPA has been in the lead in giving business the best advertising and marketing services. Check out how to maximize CPA affiliate marketing for your advertising needs.

CPA affiliate marketing is another measure for companies to compensate third parties for placing ads that feature their product or business. With all the marketing models and softwares available today, CPA is believed to give customers their money’s worth with its efficiency in promotions, and accuracy as a payment framework. This format requires advertising companies to pay the publisher on every lead of action that the website’s visitors execute. These actions vary from customers buying the advertised goods or giving their email address. The payment for each of these actions differs correspondingly. Affiliate marketing assistance is also offered by affiliate managers and wide affiliate networks who advertise products not only in their site, but also in the site of their web partners.

There are ways to optimize the use of CPA in your site. The trend now is to experiment with the limitless possibilities of advertising on line, such as affiliating with social networks and increasing website traffic. The incorporation of CPA ads, however, must observe general pointers to get the much needed result.

Position CPA ads in strategic locations within your website. Make sure that your ad is placed where it will effectively attract customers to perform further actions. However, such positioning must also look natural and well-integrated into the ad’s general milieu.

Post ads that are appropriate to the interest of majority of the visitors who frequent your site. Incorporating relevant ads will more likely be successful in translating mouse clicks into income.

CPA affiliate marketing is being offered by a number of internet marketers and web hosts. The basic requirement is a landing page to which visitors will be linked as they express interest in your product or business. These marketers or affiliate managers will guide you in the implementation of CPA, from the positioning of ads, to increasing page relevance. Bottom line is that the objective of these promotions is to increasing your site’s revenue potential. Avail of affiliate marketing services that will give you that and more.
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Tissa Godavitarne Acme People Search Affiliate Review

By Chad Timms

Tissa Godavitarne Free $125 Commission PROOF Board!!!

With thousands of affiliate programs available online I decided to review the Acme People Search Affiliate Program since it is a program I have seen a lot of ads for lately. Tissa Godavitarne is the creator of this program. He lists his phone number and office address on his site and shows a picture of his house also on the site claiming he bought it with affiliate commissions alone.

He also shows a 1099 Tax Form claiming he made 2.2 Million dollars from just one affiliate program alone. He does tell us he spent $600,000 in advertising to reach that 2.2 Million figure. With so many Scams on the Internet claiming to be a legitimate business I decided I would try the Acme People Search program and see what type of results I could get. I also wanted to find out if Tissa was a real person and not some fake Internet name or some wannabe GURU trying to take my money or Scam me.

Tissa Godavitarne built his Affiliate Program around the People Search Niche. He found a market with a great demand and built his program around it. People Search makes up 1/3 of the searches done on Google & Yahoo which is about 20 Billion searches monthly. It took Tissa a $100,000 Investment and 2 years of his time to create the people search database. It costs Tissa $25,000 a month to maintain this database. Well, he has come up with a genius way for people searchers to get free results and then in return he or his Affiliates make commissions for these results. People who use the search engine have to register with MyLife in order to get the free search results and in turn MyLife pays Affiliate Commissions for these leads to the Affiliates.

Now this is not the only way that Affiliates can make commission. Also built into Tissa’s program are Clickbank, HD Publishing, Google AdSense & of course MyLife as I mentioned previously. So you have 4 Income Streams that are built into your Acme People Search Engine. Another thing I found out after speaking with Tissa is he will follow up with all those who have used your Branded People Search Engine with autoresponder e-mails for up to one year. This I thought was a great marketing tool by itself.

Now I asked myself why would someone share or give me a People Search Engine of my own when he makes 2.2 Million from one Affiliate Program alone? Why would he not just keep doing what he is doing to make money without sharing what he is doing? Well Tissa tells us this regarding that below:

“Because the more money you make with YOUR niche search engine, the more money I will make. Let me explain: Because my search engine generates such tremendous sales volume, the affiliate networks recently agreed to pay me "2nd-tier" commissions for sales referred by other affiliates as well. So in addition to the hefty commissions they will pay you, they will also pay me a second, smaller commission for every sale you make!”

So as you or I make Affiliate Commissions Tissa make a smaller commission or 2nd tier commission also.

One thing that I really liked with this program was the webinars that Tissa conducts (usually 3-5 weekly) where you can get on the webinar and ask questions and listen to all the other Affiliates questions too. Affiliate Marketing can be tricky to a lot of people so I was happy to see there is support for his Affiliates. He also has a support ticket system and detailed instructions on how to set up your Niche Search Engine once you get started.

Tissa has every user complete 3 Steps for optimized success:

Step 1: Sign up and get registered with all the Affiliate Networks so Tissa can put your affiliate links and ID’s into your Niche Search Engine to ensure you get credit for the leads and sales that are made so you get paid your affiliate commissions. (If you only complete step 1 your Affiliate links will only show 35% of the time.)

Step 2: He has you get your own domain name and hosting so you can Brand Your People Search Engine to be your own. For example I chose PeopleSearchElite.com & PeopleSearchLocators.com for mine. (If you only complete step 2 then your Affiliate links are only displayed 65% of the time.)

Step 3: In order for your Affiliate links to be showing 100% of the time when someone uses your People Search Engine to get their People Search Results you have to complete step 3. This is $29.95 a month after a FREE 30 day trial but well worth the $29.95 monthly if you are driving relevant traffic (those searching for people) to your People Search Engine after the Free 30 day trial.

After I finished all 3 steps to set up my own People Search Engine I was surprised to see that for the first 30 days Tissa would send me 100 Free Searches to my People Search Engine. Now this he told me was not just traffic or visitors but actual searches done on my People Search Engine. This he said he does for all new affiliates to give them a taste of what there search engine’s potential is for them to make money as an Affiliate Marketer. He has a traffic stats area in your back office to see when searches have been done on your search engine.

Now came another surprise though. I noticed that I had a credit for $125 for commissions a few days after I had signed up for Tissa Godavitarnes Affiliate Program. I thought how I could have commission already when I had not even started promoting my people search engine yet. Well, turns out Tissa credits that to new affiliates with his new Referral program. He told me that I would need to make $75 dollars of my own of bringing him more Affiliates and then he would pay me $200. So I thought to myself why would someone give me $200 dollars if I only made $75? Well sure enough when I reached the $200 he paid me via my Paypal account. He provides you with your own sites to bring new referrals into his program.

So I learned you get two online businesses with Tissa Godavitarne.

Number 1: Your Own People Search Engine where you can make Commissions from MyLife, Clickbank, HD Publishing and Google AdSense.

Number 2: I can make money from bringing in new affiliates to get their very own People Search Engine.

He also recently added GDI (Global Domains International) so all his Affiliates can now make a Residual Income Stream from GDI. And he is currently programming a forced matrix option so everyone can grow their GDI downline with his Referral program. This I believe could be a Win/Win opportunity for all involved and create a lot of Full time Affiliate Marketers.

In Conclusion I found the program to be Legitimate and I was pleasantly surprised how well Tissa had put together such a program. He has been very professional and has answered all my questions or misunderstandings through his webinars or support tickets.

My Review of Tissa Godavitarnes Acme People Search Affiliate Program is 5 Stars and I would recommend it to all looking to Make Money Online.
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The 7 Simple Steps To Make Money Online

Guest post by Sarah Johnson

I am sure that you have heard of the term “You need money to make money“? However I prefer this term “Use little money to make LOTS of money”.

Here are the 7 steps to help you start making money online:

Step 1 - Identify Your Niche
First , you will need to identify your niche. Your niche could be related to your job, hobby or interest in certain areas. For example your website/blog could be about photography. You should only sell or provide information regarding photography and nothing else.

Step 2 - Write Your Own Ebook
The second step consist of writing your own ebook. Don’t worry if you have not written any book before. I have not either. You could always hire someone to do it for you but it will definitely cost you an arm and leg. That is one of the reasons why I would recommend that you write the ebook yourself.

Once you are done writing you ebook, it needs a cover. Bear in mind that the cover should be attractive. There’s nothing worst then a boring cover. You can always design it yourself using Adobe Photoshop or you can hire an expert to help you with the design. Most of these experts can be found online. Just try googling and make a comparison of services offered.

By now your ebook is about 95% completed. Most likely you have written your ebook using Microsoft Word. Regardless of what software that you used, you will need to convert your ebook to PDF format.

Step 3 - Choose The Right Domain Name
The third step requires you to choose your domain name. Choose your domain name wisely!! I would suggest creating a domain name that is related to your niche. For example, my website provides the reader 7 steps to make money online, therefore I create my domain name as www.7stepsincome.com.

Step 4 - Create Web Hosting Account
So you have chose the domain name. Now it’s time to register your domain and to create a hosting account. Which ever hosting company that you select , make sure that the hosting company is reliable and has excellent customer support.

Step 5 - Create Website Or Blog
The next step is to create your personal blog or website. You can use Wordpress to set your free blog. They have a lot of professional templates and there is a huge amount of support from the forums.

Step 6 - Selling The Ebook
All right, your ebook is completed. You have also created your blog/website to market your ebook.But how do you accept payment and sent your ebook automatically to your buyer?

The best way is to set up an account with PayPal. PayPal allows you to accept credit card payments instantly and is free to sign up. In order to sent your ebook automatically to your customer you can use SmartDD. The best thing with SmartDD is that it can be integrated with your PayPal account.

Step 7 - Generating Traffic
Now, repeat after me, Traffic!!! Traffic!!! Traffic!!!. The success to every online business is generating traffic to your website.

Author Bio
Sarah Johnson's is the webmaster of 7 Steps Income, a website on how to make money online and how to start your own online business with very little start up capital. 7 Steps Income motto has always been “Use little money to make LOTS of money”.
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What Works are Required to Make Money out of Affiliate Marketing

Many people seem to think that making money online with affiliate marketing is fast and easy. Although it is true that affiliate marketing is an online business that anyone can start to make money on the Internet, people need to know that doing affiliate marketing isn't at all as easy as it seems to be.

To make money online through an affiliate marketing business, you have to realize that there is no easy button to become successful with it. It is imperative that you first understand what success in affiliate marketing entails. To truly make money online, you need to know what affiliate marketing really is and how much work it involves. Once you have allowed yourself to become well-versed with the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, you should know that there is still much work to be done to get started.

The first thing you would have to do is to find the affiliate marketing program that you can excel in. Find one that is not only successful and popular but also one that involves products and services that you are interested in. Once you have found such a program, be sure that you familiarize yourself with everything there is to know about that specific affiliate marketing program. You should also take the time to think about what creative and fresh things you can do with your own affiliate marketing efforts. This will help you to set yourself apart from your competitors and be able to make money online at greater amounts.

Once you are ready to begin, there are many other things you need to do. You must research on your target market and find out what keywords are relevant to your business. You must also take the time to develop your own website and find the best ways to promote it. Keep in mind that these tasks must be done constantly and continuously. Even when you have already launched your affiliate marketing business and you have already begun to make money online, you will still need to work. Always remember that your target market constantly evolves and you must always be on the lookout for the best ways to approach them and communicate with them.

Without going through all these necessary steps, your affiliate marketing efforts will most likely fail in allowing you to make money online. However, don’t let this intimidate you. Although it may seem quite difficult in the beginning, you will find that the effort you exert will truly be worth it once you begin to make money online out of your affiliate marketing business.

...

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Make Money by Running a Home-Based Franchising Business

f you already bored with the 9 to 5 job and thinking about quitting the job, what are the choices you have if you want to continue to earn a full-time income every month?

You have a number of choices. You could consider taking part in the opportunities that are now available on the Internet to make money online or you can pick a home business that you like and run the business for long term to earn a consistent income.

Whether you are starting an online business or offline business at home, there are a few benefits you will enjoy.

The Pros of making money at home

Home-based office - With a business at home, you can start working anytime you like and no need to go out early at the morning. You will save a lot on fuel cost and travelling time and have no traffic jam problem.

No office rent - Your office is set up at home. So, there would be no office rent overhead you have to pay as well.

More control - You set your own work schedule and decide how thing should be done. There is no formal wardrobe you have to maintain. You can just work in comfortable casual clothing which might increase your business productivity.

Higher earning potential - The income that can be generated by a home business will depend on your marketing effort and management. When you have worked hard on your business and started to see some profit, you will be motivated to keep working to earn more. If thing progresses well, you could earn big profit later.

More time with Family - If you schedule your time well, you will get to spend much more time with your family.

These are the major advantages you will gain when working at home, but there are actually several drawbacks you have to face too:

The cons of making money at home

Your personal things are potential distraction - Unless you are highly disciplined, you could easily distracted by your personal matters such as cleaning up your home office, going out a while for shopping, starting a laundry and etc.

You handle everything - You are going to need to have the ability to handle all the tasks to run your business smoothly including marketing, management, customer service and etc.

You are too free - Since there is no pressure on when you should start working and how the works have to be done, it can be very easy to delay the start of work and productivity might be decreased a lot in this circumstances.

How to start a business at home fast?

There are actually numerous existing at-home franchising businesses available for you. These are the businesses you can take part and run it immediately to make money. These home-based franchise opportunities can be found through the franchise business listing websites. BusinessMart.com and Franchisebuyersnetwork.com are two of these websites that list various types of legitimate franchising businesses for sale. You can find a franchise opportunity that fits you through searching in these 2 websites.

How to determine if an opportunity is real and safe to participate?

You may come across advertisements that say you can earn a large sum of money without having to work much. These sorts of opportunities often are scams, so it is better to stay away from them.

Another thing is that if the company that offers the franchising business opportunity doesn't provide clear contact information, this opportunity shouldn't be in your consideration as well.

You could have found several interesting franchises during your search. Don't join any one of them immediately. Further investigation and research are necessary. Find out the history of the company. Check if there are complaints made to them with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Also you can do some searches on Google to see how other franchise owners say about the opportunities. Some would even share their experience. All these information will help you make sure the opportunities you're interested are legitimate and real.

At the end you just want to choose a franchise opportunity that best suit you. So careful analysis is needed. It is best to choose a business that you already known about and suitable to you lifestyle.
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MoreMoney365 Has All The Things You Need To Start Making Money Online

You need to go through a learning curve to make money online. There are a bunch of ways of making money on the Internet. You can choose the way you like. But learning how to get started can be hard although there are free e-books, reports, newsletters and e-courses available to help you. It will be a lot easier if you can have a resource site that guides you all the steps and provides the tools you need to start making money online effectively.

Yes. These resource sites exist. Moremoney365 is one of them. MoreMoney365 is a membership site that struggles to provide everything you need to know to start and succeed on the Internet. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced online money maker, Moremoney365 has the money making resources that are right for you.

One of the effective ways to earn a steady income from the Internet is by building an online business. I know setting up an online business take some works and some technical knowledge is necessary as well. It can hard to you if you are new in this field. But with the help of the formal step-by-step training in MoreMoney365, you will be able to start and run a profitable Internet business. MoreMoney365 will walk you through all the steps with necessary tools and support given to make sure you successfully build your online business. You will learn how to get your own product, launch a fully-optimized website, market your product on the Internet and get your first sale.

Other Options to Make Money Online
Even if you are not interested to build an online business that sells product or service, you have plenty of other choices of making money on the Internet. MoreMoney365 has a video tutorial e-library that shows you the different methods of making money online. Here are some of the topics that the video tutorials covered:

  • How to Make Money With Google AdSense
  • How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Make an Absolute Fortune With Clickbank
  • How to Create a Money Making Review Blog
  • And more.
Access Moremoney365.com free now to start learning how to make money online.

Tips and Advices from the Successful Internet Marketers
Besides all the above learning resources you will get when joining Moremoney365, you will also have access to a collection of audio Interviews with the Internet millionaires giving you the latest marketing technique, strategies and success tips that you can apply. These Internet millionaires have achieved great success on Internet marketing. So following what they said, your online profit can be possibly improved dramatically.

Money Making Websites Listed Every Month
There is also a section in Moremoney365 sharing websites that you can join and get paid directly by writing review and blog posts; submitting articles and other tasks you can complete to make money. Each month, you will see new update on money making websites that you can take part to make extra money.

All these learning resources and information are free in Moremoney365.com
Yep, you heard it right. You can get access to everything in Moremoney365.com at no cost. Moremoney365.com is now giving a completely free two week trial access to let you trying everything inside.

Try MoreMoney365 for two weeks now.

After the trial period, you will be billed $27.00 subscription each month if you decide to continue your membership. New interesting money making resources and tools will be added each month and as long as you are in the membership site, you will get on-going support and help when you need it.

...

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Successful Home Based Business - Why Are People Searching?

Guest post by Christine Chow

We are living in a day and age where you are either your own boss, or someone's slave. For those of you working under conditions where you are not happy, you know exactly what this feels like. People seek to find their own successful home based business because they are wanting something more. They know that life is not just made up of clock work. Feeling like you are slave to a clock can be physically and emotionally draining. Working from home opens up the door to ultimate freedom and gets you away from your dreaded 9 to 5.

The idea of having a home based business has been around for a while, and is now becoming more popular and much more of a reality for a lot of different people with different job backgrounds. You can basically pick whatever it is that you want to do, and go with that idea. You must stay focused on your dream, or it cannot grow into reality. You won't get rich overnight, starting a successful home based business takes time and patience. In time, your business can indeed turn into a successful venture. Having a home based business is often very appealing for people who want to invest little to no money while still reaping the benefits of a large investment. Trying to start a successful home based business is smart.

It is for the mother or father who wants to stay home with their children. Not everyone has the money for the cost of daycare these days. It can be a real hassle for couples with numerous children. Daycare costs can add up to hundreds of dollars per week, taking literally over half of the family's income. Working from home at your home based business can allow both parents to quit their day job, and focus on what is most important.

Having a successful home based business is often flexible enough to allow you to stay at your current position while still working from home to build your future business in your spare time. Most people usually only invest a few hours a week starting off. It can take up to two years for a home based business to grow and become successful. The more hours that you invest, the quicker your business can grow. There are certainly a lot of people out there who are willing to invest dozens of hours a week in addition to their current job because they really want to get away from corporate America. Who doesn't?

You don't have to worry about the high cost of gas. With the way the economy is going, it is no wonder that more and more people are reaching for their home laptops and searching for successful home based business ideas. More and more folks are losing their jobs of today, and fearing that there is no future for them tomorrow. Something has to happen, and it is happening at home. There are so many different areas of business to go into when you choose to do it your own way. You can even choose to have more than one if you would like.

Starting up a successful home based business is worth the time and work. But do not be deceived, there is a lot of work involved. There will be times in the beginning that you will feel like beating your head against the pavement. Just remember to relax and be consistent. A business takes time, patience, and a real effort. The harder you try, the more likely you will be to able to succeed.

More details about a successful home based business opportunity can be found on www.HomeBizTopEarner.com.
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The Internet CEO - How To Make "Independent" Money Online

Guest post by Carael Knight

Making Money If You Do "Not" Have Your Own Website

What I have learned over the years is that you have to do a lot of small things correctly. One good way to make independent money online is to market your products and services on high traffic websites such as this one. You can accomplish this by having a link or banner (some advertisement of some sort) to your website from their website. For example: Just say if a high traffic website is getting between say maybe 100,000 - 200,000 visitors a month and you took 1,000 - 2,000 (this is on the low end) of their traffic a month, the numbers will quickly add up.

Another way you can make independent money online is to promote affiliate programs. If you have a website of your own that is already receiving a pretty good amount of traffic, you can promote it on your site. But if not, then I would suggest something like Pay Per Click or promoting it on high traffic websites that are on the same theme like the example above.

Making Money If You "Do" Have Your Own Website

You have to build your backlinks if you want to make money online for the long haul. You do not necessarily have to be at the very top of the search engines to make money online but it is crucial that you build a credible website. You have to build a "buzz". One of the best
ways to do this is through building backlinks.

Making independent money online is not like regular internet marketing. It takes a lot more hard work and dedication to marketing on your own terms. This includes using your own avenues to get the word out about your business. You have to be creative as well as think "outside the box". A better way to fully understand what making independent money online is this, ask yourself, "if my main source of traffic was taken away from me today, what do I have to fall back on for traffic and stability? This is why it is so important to have multiple streams of traffic going into your website. Since having a successful internet business is all about longevity, making independent money online is the only way.
...

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The Beginner Guide to Setting Up a Freelancing Business to Make Money Online

If you are one of the many people who has planned to get into the Internet freelancing industry, there are some important things you must know. Outlined below are 4 necessary things you must have so that you can start your online freelancing business easier and be more successful when running the business.


Even if you are just starting out with your online freelancing business or even if you simply wish to make use of bidding sites for freelancing, never forget the importance of having a website. Your freelancing website should contain information about yourself, what your credentials are, and what you are capable of doing. If you have a good website for your online freelancing business, it would be easier for potential customers to trust you with the work they require.


When starting a freelancing business over the internet, you would need to publish your own portfolio. If you already have a website, putting your information there is necessary. Potential clients will first be looking at this portfolio to get to know your skills as well as what your freelancing business has to offer. They would want to see your previous works in order for them to determine if your capabilities fit their needs. For this reason, you must be sure to publish your best works that exemplify exactly what you can offer to your clients.


Your website should contain all the pertinent information regarding what kind of services your online freelancing business can offer. Depending on whether or not you have standard rates for your services, you may choose to publish prices in your online freelancing website or advice your visitors to contact you so you can provide them with a quotation for the work they require. However, you must take into consideration that some people prefer to see rates and prices immediately rather than wait for a quote. If you do not have standard prices for your services, you can simply publish a price range for all the services you offer just to give your visitors an idea of what to expect. If the price range that you publish suits their budget, they will contact you for a more specific quotation.


The World Wide Web is open to everyone and there are thousands of business websites that are not registered. However, it is better to have your business registered at least with your local government. Doing this will help you gain the trust of your potential customers. This will also allow you to advertise your freelancing services in your local newspaper. If you opt to do this for your online freelancing business, you will have more chances of gaining clients since more individuals would rather work with registered businesses especially for legal and accounting purposes. This will also help you develop a better reputation for your freelancing business and it will give your potential customers an impression that it is safe to do business with you.
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Tips for Making Money Online with Cash Crate

Guest post by Joe Soderlund

Cash Crate can be a great way for teens and adults together to earn money online. In this post I will talk about Cash Crate as well as the pros and cons of the site.

What is Cash Crate?

Cash Crate is a gpt site generally speaking where you get paid a certain amount to do little tasks such as fill out free offers or take surveys. These little tasks usually pay somewhere between $.50 to $8.00. Cash Crate makes money every time you complete an offer. When someone completes an offer Cash Crate is paid a certain of money, most of which they pass on to you. This is how Cash Crate is able to stay in business.


  • Filling out free offers with Cash Crate can make you a lot of money in a short period of time. The offers don’t usually take more than a few minutes to complete as long as you stay on task.
  • Cash Crate’s payout is $10.00 which is very low. This makes it easy for you to receive money from them very quickly. You also have the option to change the payout price to whatever you want. This is very convenient if you make tons of money with them and don’t want to be paid every week or so.
  • You only have to be 13 years old to sign up with Cash Crate. This gives teens a way to make money online. Cash Crate is very friendly and is easy to use.
  • Cash Crate does pay. If you don’t believe me type in “cash crate proof of payment” on Google Images and you will see dozens of checks from them.
  • In order to complete the Cash Crate offers, you must give information like your email address and sometimes your address. While this can be partially avoided by making another email address just for Cash Crate, some people don’t feel comfortable giving away their personal info.
  • If you chose to get paid by check, the payment takes a while to arrive. Usually 2-4 weeks.
Cash Crate Referral System

Cash Crate has one of the best referral systems that I have seen. For every person you refer, you get 20% of their earnings. You also get 10% of your referral’s referrals earnings. Another great thing about Cash Crate’s referral system is that once one of your referrals make $10.00, you are credited with another $3.00. If you are able to obtain enough referrals, you can make money just with Cash Crate’s referral system. ...Read More...

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How to Make Money with ‘Get Paid to Blog’ Websites

Guest post by Anil Garg

'Get paid to Blog' websites offer many easy and fast money making opportunity for bloggers in all niches. Bloggers can earn money by writing posts about products, services and advertisers website with these networks on their blogs.

To start making money with any of paid blogging (Get paid to blog) networks, we need to create a publisher or blogger account. All paid networks have their own terms and conditions for accepting new publishers into their network. Some network goes for blog that have:

  • Good page rank
  • Good Alexa and Technorati rankings
  • Some minimum blog age like 3 months
  • Blog cached in major search engines
  • Blogs in active state with some minimum posts in a week or month time
So you should submit your best blog in these networks if you are serious about making money with them. And when we think about the money we will be able to make by writing some paid posts on our blog can be as little as $5 and also can be as high as $1000. But you surely have higher chance of making money with these networks if you have a blog having good page rank like 5 or 6.

So go and create a publisher account on some of popular paid blogging networks like Payperpost, ReviewMe, SponSoredReviews, Smorty and Blogsvertise etc. And once you get your account approved on any of these networks, don’t forget to check your account several times a day. With this, you should check your e-mails on regular basis as some networks send notification about open or available opportunities in your e-mail account that you used while creating account on these networks. Here is a brief summary about top 3 paid blogging networks available today on internet:

Payperpost – is the biggest and most popular company in paid blogging niche. Best thing about this paid blogging network is the high amount of advertisers and thus lots of money making opportunities if you have a blog with some good page rank. The downside about this network is possibly the Google penalty your blog may have to face as you have to including some content like ‘Sponsored by Payperpost’ at the end of each post that you write for this network. They send your earnings on monthly basis in your paypl account.

SponsoredReviews – They have also large number of advertisers waiting for your bids to be placed. Login into your account and browse through the open opportunities and place your bids according to the amount of money you are willing to get paid for that task and according to the maximum budget specified by the advertiser.

ReviewMe – forget about this network if you don’t have a blog with good page rank, Alexa ranking and hundred of RSS subscribers. You can write up to 10 paid posts via this network in a month time. They send payments on the 1st of every month into your paypal account for the previous month earnings.

About the Author
For more money making opportunities, visit Anil Gupta’s make money online blog where you will get lots of valuable tips for making fast money with your blog.
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