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Upcoming Free Webinar: Internet Wealth Predictions For 2009

Earlier I posted a link to Derek Gehl's new video that talks about how to make money online in this recession year. Derek has given some good money making content in the video with tips on what you can do to make more than just survive in year 2009.

Further to this video, Derek will host a webinar 'Internet Wealth Predictions For 2009' next week to give you more tips and detailed information about making money online in the recession year.

In this 60-minute webinar, Derek will be sharing his personal predictions for online marketing in 2009. He will explain how you can expect to profit from the 14% estimated increase in Internet spending - despite the current economic decline...

He will also reveal what Internet trends and technologies that are going to be hot moneymakers in 2009.

Plus much more!

To sign up for attending this call, visit:


Derek Gehl has made millions of dollars from Internet marketing. He is one of the leading Internet marketing experts now. So, this live event is going to attract a lot of attendants. But the capacity of this live event is limited to the first 1000 registrants. So, be hurry to register if you like to attend this call.

...

Source Alan Liew