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I'm No Longer Can Make Money Online with AdSense Using This Blog

Early I told you that I was warned by Google AdSense Team that some of my blog posts have been formatted to look like AdSense ads and Google gave me three days to fix that or I'll will not be able to display AdSense ads forever in this blog.

I made the changes and after three days nothing happen, so I must have past that.

But, yesterday, just after 5 minute I published a new post, all my AdSense ads gone. I think the Google AdSense team automatically detected the new post was against their policies, so immediately remove my AdSense ads from this blog. But I swear the post isn't against any of their policies. I then deleted the post to see whether the ads will come back. No, still blank in the space after hours of waiting. I think this simply means I can no longer show AdSense ads on this blog.

AdSense has been a great source of revenue for this blog and I have lost it. I started to thinking to retire this blog. Stop working on it and let the blog falls from No. 1 ranking for the keyword 'make money online'.

Yesterday night doesn't sleep well. Thinking about how to make this blog to generate income in the future as I still get a lot of search engine traffic from this blog. And today morning I finally decided to make some major chances to this blog.

Firstly, I will chance the template of moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com. I have picked a professional template, it is three column and looks better than this one. I will change the template in these coming two days. Then I will focus on private ads selling, leads selling and signing up one to two pay per click programs such Kontera, and etc. May be also selling text links or paid reviews. But, all these new income sources I added in to http://moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com wouldn't be able to replace the income that I used to earn from one Google AdSense program.

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