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Got Niche? - Why So Many Blogs Don't Succeed

uest Post by Joshua Lee

Finding a niche is essential to success in the blogging world, especially if you're writing a blog by yourself. Too often, I see people with great ideas set out to make their blog. And you know what happens? Nothing. They fail, even though their ideas were sound.

Why does this happen? Most often, it's because proper research wasn't done on the subject beforehand.

Let's take a common blog topic: Politics. You decided to make a politics blog. So, you get a nice sounding domain, some snazzy themes, load it up with great WordPress plugins, and start pumping out quality opinion pieces and news analysis every day. On top of that, you even advertise it on other blogs and do excellent SEO.

Is it going to work?

Well, it's certainly possible to succeed with this strategy, but it's like trying to climb up a steep cliff covered in dry ice without using your hands while blindfolded.

What's the problem, even after you did everything right?

You didn't focus on a niche! Sites that focus on the entirety of politics, such as The Huffington Post [on the Left] or RedState [on the Right], are not really niche blogs at all. Politics is a huge subject matter, after all. They have dozens of writers and editors working together to ensure huge amounts of quality content. Trying to compete with dozens of people working together, all by yourself, is just plain silly.

So, instead of a politics blog, let's look at a more closely targeted the audience, a niche if you will. For the sake of argument, we'll say I live in Colorado. I'm going make a niche blog, not about politics, but about progressive Colorado politics.

Notice how I'm putting in two qualifiers that focus who I'm targeting. I'm only looking for readers from Colorado, and only those that are interested in progressive views.

Huge national political blogs generally skimp on local state politics to focus on the big national issues, so there's certainly a lot of open space to grow. With this niche, you now know immediately who your audience is. What's the next step? Determine the market and the competition.

Obviously, the market for such a niche blog is smaller than a national political blog. Nevertheless, there are millions of progressive Internet users in Colorado, so there's certainly a big enough market.

What about the competition? Well, a simple Google search shows me only about a half dozen true competitors. This makes success much more easy.

There are thousands (if not millions) of political blogs all competing with each other to dominate the term politics. But, through restricting our niche to Colorado Progressive Politics instead, we've already eliminated a lot of that competition. With so much less competition, hard work, quality content, and solid SEO will put you on the front page results relatively quickly.

Focusing on a niche makes Google AdWords much more effective, too. For those that use it, now you have some specific search terms to use with it. Instead of trying to get traffic by targeting the term politics (a hotly contested and expensive item to get Google ads for), instead focus on your niche (Colorado progressive politics) and specific, related topics.

I hope this guide helps you on your way to creating a successful blog.

Author Bio:
Josh's blog is primarily focused on making money online in a thorough and intelligent manner. It also delves into SEO, Google, Freelance Writing, and other topics. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to subscribe to his RSS Feed or visit Josh's blog @ The Brainy Money Blog.
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Source Alan Liew

Learning the Basic is Necessary to Start Making Money Online

In this bad economy situation, people are still making good money on the Internet. I heard that a lot of bloggers, affiliates, webmasters and Internet marketers are still earning a consistent income every month. Me as a blogger hasn't experienced much changes on my blog revenue and traffic for the past two months as well. So, it seems that the economy recession doesn't affect the Internet much. In fact, there is prediction shows that the online spending is going to raise this year.

So if you are thinking to find an extra income source now, using the Internet is one of your good choices. You can use a blog, a website, PPC advertising or build a list to make money online. A blog isn't difficult to set up as there are free Blogging Platforms like Blogger and Wordpress that let you set up your blog easily and quickly. Once set up you can use the blog to promote affiliate programs and display ads to make money online. Website also works the same ways.

Whatever methods you like to use to make money online, you must know how to get started. You must know What are the essential things you need do in the beginning steps so that you don't move to the wrong direction.

You don't have to worry about how to get started on the Internet to make money with affiliate program using a blog or website or PPC advertising as there are e-books, reports and courses that can help you. One new report that I find pretty helpful to people who want to start making money online using niche blog or website is CrapCutter Marketing. CrapCutter Marketing was written by Andrew Hansen who has already making money on the Internet five years and helping many people to do the same.

It doesn't cost a single cent to download this report and the report contains the information you need to know to start making money on the Internet. You can grab a copy of this report at:


Andrew laid out all the important fundamental steps you need to go through in the process of earning online income. You will discover how to find profitable niches, choose the right affiliate programs, research keywords and more. Andrew has written the report in a way that is easy to understand, so it isn't difficult to learn them.

Also, the report gives a lot of tips on how to promote your blogs, niche website and affiliate programs to generate online income.

As I always says, you need the right knowledge and information to start making money on the Internet. CrapCutter Marketing is one of the reports that provides you the right information. So, the report is definitely worth a read.

Download a free copy of CrapCutter Marketing now.
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Using Twitter To Expand Your Business and Create Lifelong Customers

Guest posy by Roxanne Manning

The social networking website, Twitter has become extremely popular and for good reason. It is a pretty cool website that allows individuals to keep up with their family, friends and associates. Savvy business owners and entrepreneurs are also using it to not only grow their businesses but to get repeat business. When used correctly, this is exactly what can happen.

The best way to use Twitter if you are looking to make money (and if you are an internet marketer, of course you are), is to encourage your customers or web visitors to follow you on Twitter. Promise them that they will be notified of any specials or sales that you will be offering. Make these special prices and deals available only to Twitter members. This will encourage them to sign up.

Make sure that you promote your Twitter account on a prominent place on your website. Add it to any e-books that you are selling or giving away as well as any articles that you write and submit to article directories. You want to grow your Twitter followers as much as you can. These people will act similarly to an email list. You will be able to keep in contact with them and sale them products in the future.

Once you get people to join and follow you on Twitter, you now can update them on any other products that you are selling or you can offer discounted prices. However, be sure to not only send out sales messages. Instead, provide some information that is informative and helpful. You want your followers to get some real value from you. If they begin to feel like they aren’t, then they may begin to simply ignore your messages.

If you decide to provide discounts, you need to provide some pretty significant ones. Try to offer 25% discounts or more. This will make people feel like they are real getting a deal. This will also encourage other people to follow you. While you will be charging less, you should increase the number of people that make purchases from you. Over time, if you can build up your “list” you can make a good amount of money simply from your Twitter account.

Twitter allows you to answer the question “What are you doing?” Your readers, i.e., friends, family, co-workers and/or customers can easily be updated on what is going on in your life or business. Provide well-written, relevant and informative posts and you can quickly develop an audience that can’t wait for your next update.

Twitter is much easier to manage then an email list. You don’t have to worry about fake email addresses, people complaining about spam, bounce backs or your messages being ignored. You simply provide updates to people that have already made a decision to follow you. Offer them good information that they are interested in as well as special discounts and sales. This will allow you to make first time sales and also create repeat business.
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The Pre-launch Gifts of 32 Days to Success

James Racine has something big to be released. He is going to launch a new program that is designed to help people really make money online. He called the new program the '32 Days To Success'.

You might have read and heard about many money making systems that failed, but for 32 Days To Success, I can tell you it is not another system that offers interesting content but not good enough to help you making money online. James has achieved online success and made a fortune. In the 32 Days To Success program, he will give you a money making strategy that has been proven and tested with detailed step-by-step instructions explaining each aspect to ensure you learn all the essential things so that you can really make money on the Internet in this recession economy.

The 32 Days To Success program is still now in pre-launch stage, it is expected to be launched on 1st of March. And during this pre-launch stage, James wants to give you a bunch of quality information about how to make money online for free. Here's what James has prepared for you free:

- 20 Minute 'Money Getting" Video with solid content. The videos explained three methods where you can used them now to make money online. Definitely it's worth your time to watch it.

- Audio interviews with ordinary people that have achieved success online and how they did it. A lot of tips in these audios. You'll learn what are the things you can do to make online and also what are things you need to avoid when you just started.

- PDF report explains exactly how the 32 Day to Success Strategy works and how you can put it to work for you.

- And more....

So how to get all these 'how to' money making info for free? It is simple. Just head over to http://32daystosuccess.com, fill out your name and email and you will get instant access to all these useful content.

There are people already making money online using the free info of James. So, definitely I would suggest you signing up for the free information that James has released to learn everything you could and put what you learn into work to make money online.

After you signed up for the free stuff, your email address will also be put into James's 'Early-Bird' list where Jame will notify you immediately when the 32 Days to Success program launched.
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Is Ezine Articles Still Effective For Free Traffic & High Rankings?

Guest post by Roxanne Manning

There was a time when you only had to write an optimized article, submit it to Ezinearticles and watch it rocket up the search engines, even for pretty competitive keywords or phrases. Today, it is much harder to get these types of results. One of the primary reasons is that there is a lot more competition then it used to be. A person could also count on getting traffic simply by being member. However, with more and more quality article directories popping up on the internet, this type of traffic is beginning to diminish as well.

More and more people have discovered the merits of article marketing and are utilizing it to grow their businesses. Also because this form of internet marketing has been around for some time, article marketers have gotten increasingly savvy.

They don’t simply write an article and hope that Ezinearticles does it thing. Instead, they promote it and utilize search engine marketing techniques similar to those used by individuals attempting to get their websites ranked highly. Those people that know what they are doing experience tremendous success and are wiping the mat with people who do not. If you are one of those people on the outside looking in and wondering how it is possible for some to achieve so much with article marketing and others so little, keep reading. Blow, we will discuss some of the most common promotional techniques and tricks of the “big dogs”.

1. Get Incoming Links From Other Article Directories: The most important part of the SEO equation is to get incoming links. One great place to get them is from other article directories, especially from those that are well respected. Try Buzzle, Article Dashboad, Go Articles and other top directories. You will find that this is one simply, easy, fast and effective way to get quality, incoming links.

The purpose of this is to build up the incoming link count to your Ezine article. Because this directory has the best chance to get ranked, using one of the available links in your resource box from article directories to point to it, makes good sense.

2. Getting Incoming Links From Social Networking Websites: This is probably the most commonly used method of the article marketing pros to get incoming links and drive their articles up the search engines. It will take a little trial and error to determine which ones will allow you to link to Ezinearticles. Some won’t but others will. You can do this yourself or you can pay someone to do it if you do not have the time or would simply rather not.

3. Submitting Your Article’s RSS feed: Your Ezine article will have a RSS feed. Write it down and submit it to RSS directories for some easy traffic and back links.

These are some simple techniques to build up the link count to your Ezinearticles’ article and promote it. The more incoming links that you have, the greater chance you have to rank highly. Remember, other article directories and social networking websites are great places to begin.
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Residuals and Royalties

Guest post by Michael-John

If you are like most people in America, you probably work a typical 9-5 job and are getting frustrated with the daily grind. Those people that work 40 hours and get paid for 40 hours of work are earning what they call “linear income”. In other words, they get paid for the exact amount of hours they put in and not a penny more. There is a better way to earn income – this better way is through residual and royalty income.

Until now, only actors and authors received residuals or royalties for their work, but the internet has changed this. Nowadays you can do plenty of things online to create residual, royalty and passive income. You may ask yourself “how can I create residual income?” – well, the answer is on the internet.

There are plenty of ways to Make Money Online and Earn Residual Income; you can sell your photos online, write articles, sell your arts and crafts, earn money from your blog, add Google AdSense to your website and do many more things to create residual and royalty income. In fact, there are people earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month online in the form of passive income. The best part is that you keep getting paid over and over again long after you have put in the initial investment of your time and effort.

There are so many scams online that it is hard to actually know which websites are legitimate and which ones will just take your money. You need to know where to look to find the websites that are going to help you create supplemental income and not rip you off. There is a blog written by Michael-John Wolfe, an actor who has devoted all of his free to finding legitimate ways to make money online. Each day his blog lists a new form of residual income for you to investigate and research as a possible form of residual or royalty income. While Michael-John lists tons of websites, not each income source is for everyone – but if you take some time to browse through his website, there is no doubt that you will find a source of income that fits with your skills or situation.

Michael-John even lists sources of supplemental income and part time jobs that you can do for extra cash. Everyone wants to make money online, yet only a lucky few will actually take the steps necessary to create an easier life for themselves. Imagine never having to worry about working a “regular” job as a corporate drone ever again! Imagine the freedom you would feel if you had multiple streams of income flowing in from different online sources. Don’t let another year of your life pass by without creating some unique sources of income for you and your family. You can visit Michael-John Wolfe’s website here: Earn Residual Income and Make Money Online.
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How to Make Fast Money with a Blog

Guest Post by Anil Gupta

When we search internet to find some easy ways to monetize our blog, we find lots of stuff already written on this topic. And when we study deeply at all ways to earn money from a blog, there may be hundreds of ways to earn revenue from a blog. But not all methods are going to help you make some quick cash. In today's article, I will discuss some techniques that a blogger in any niche can follow to monetize his/her blogs quickly and fastly:

PPC Ads – With PPC (Pay per click) Ads, we are going to get paid for every click that is made of an Ad on our blog. There are many networks who are offering PPC Ads in all niches. And the most popular PPC Ad networks are Google Adsense and YPN (Yahoo Publisher network), which is available for US citizens only right now. Applying for Google Adsense will not take more than 2 minutes and once you have Google AdSense Account, you have to just place AdSense widgets on your blog where you want the ads to appear. AdSense ads are highly customizable and can be placed in any section of a blog. All PPC networks serve ads according to the content of your blog.

Text & Banner ads – Selling text and banner ads will be easiest way to monetize your blog if it's already popular. There are lots of advertisers who are willing to place their ads on top blogs in their niche. We can earn from $10 to $100 or so for a link/banner for a month on our blog depending upon our blog popularity, traffic, Alexa ranking and Google Page rank. We can add a section like 'Advertise here' or 'Banner' here on our blog to attract advertisers. With this, we can also try some networks that can sell text/banner ads on your behalf and will share revenue with us.

Writing Articles – With these options, we can make money with what we are already doing i.e. blogging. There may be many advertisers in your niche who will be interested in getting a review about their service or product on your blog. With this 'Get Paid to Blog' kind of scheme, we are asked to write a review about a product or service and include their links within our review. But we should be extra cautious when going for this scheme. We should write about advertisers only who are directly or indirectly related to our niche and if possible should include nofollow links in our paid posts. There are many paid blogging networks on internet where you can register yourself to get extra money making opportunities. Some of popular 'Get Paid to Blog' networks are Payperpost, ReviewMe and SponsoredReviews.

Author Bio
Anil Gupta is the Author of make money online blog where he talks about ways to making fast money from blogs and how we can increase traffic to our blogs.
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You Need the Right Information to Make Money Online

The Internet is changing rapidly leading to more and more online money making opportunities appear. Some of the popular ways to make money online now is affiliate marketing, blogging and completing paid survey.

Affiliate marketing is about promoting online companies' products or services and share a percentage of revenue for each sale or lead you generated for the online company. This is a low start-up cost online business, so a lot of people participate in affiliate marketing.

Blogging is even more popular nowadays. You can earn steady advertising income while writing about your passion, share your knowledge and opinions in your blog.

Paid survey is about taking survey from the Internet market research companies. These companies generally will reward you cash or gift for the online survey your completed. Paid survey can't offer your full-time income potential but can be a great source of extra monthly income.

Whatever way you choose to make money online, you need the right information and knowledge to get started. One new website that recently launched can help you get started on the Internet. The site is called Onlinemoneymakingeasy.com. The owner of OnlineMoneyMakingEasy.com, Jeff Wasson has taken time to put together the programs, e-books and guide teaching you how to make money online with affiliate marketing, blogging, paid surveys and etc. For those of you who are always wondering how you can start your own money making venture from scratch, check out Jeff's OnlineMoneyMakingEasy.com. Jeff will recommend you the right resources so that you can get all the information you need to start making money online.

Besides, Jeff also shares with you the useful marketing tools for building and making your online business. For most of the types of online businesses, it is essential to research keywords, competition and your targeted prospects in order to effectively generate profit on the Internet. These marketing tools suggested by Jeff will assist you in the process so that you can save a lot of time and work.

If you have any question about making money on the Internet while browsing OnlineMoneyMakingEasy.com, do send an email to Jeff. He is happy to help you and answer your online money making inquiries.
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Upcoming Tele-Training: How to Use Facebook and Twitter to Make Money Online in 2009

This Wednesday on a live tele-training call Glen Hopkins will be interviewing a Internet marketing teacher named Bob Jenkins on:

"The Secrets To Increasing Your Profits In 2009 Using Facebook And Twitter!"

This is a free tele-training you can join and learn about how you can use these two big social networking sites to promote your website or your online business and build your very own profit potential network.

If you are interested to join this call, here's the link to get all the details and sign up for the call:


Glen has also prepared some bonus money making products for those who attend this live training.

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Simple Ways to Advertise and Grow Your Membership Website

Many internet marketers recognize that a membership site is a great way to bring in a comfortable and consistent income. So they find a great niche, set up their membership website and add great content, there is still one major step, getting members to join. At first glance, this often seems a bit overwhelming and is the point where membership site owners often get discouraged. Not knowing how to find members stop many online marketers even before they get started.

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to grow your membership base. As long as you understand that it may take some time. Don’t expect to fill up your site overnight. Instead, shoot for a couple of new members a day. Overtime, you will be able to draw a pretty good income. Below, are some simple ways to advertise:

Start An Affiliate Program: One very effective way to grow your membership website is to offer people (members and non-members) the ability to earn money by getting other people to join. Think about it. If your monthly fee is $29, offering individuals 50% or $14.50 each month for every new member that they sign up would be very enticing. If you get the right affiliates, you may not have to do much advertising at all.

Hang Out Where Your Potential Members Are: Spending time at the same places that people who might be interested in joining your membership site is a really good way to get members. This might include forums and social networking websites.

Try Adwords: Depending on what niche you are targeting, Adwords may be a great way to get the word out about your site and to get new members. Make sure that you carefully target your audience so that you don’t waste your money and time.

Write Press Releases: Press releases are another excellent way to advertise your membership website. There are a few fairly good options and some excellent paid ones. If you don’t know where to begin, consider Prweb.com. If you optimize your website and choose good keywords, you can get some good rankings for both your sales page and your release.

Forum Marketing: Once you figure out where your target audience spends their time online, it is time to go to them. Often times, forums are a great place to find people that will be interested in your offer. If the forum allows, make a post advertising your membership site. If they do not allow blatant advertising, then create a signature link ad.

Social Networking Websites: Social networking websites are another fantastic, advertising option. Find one that caters to your niche and then create short articles or blurbs that would interest them so that they click onto your website. After you get them there, it is up to you to sell your product. Consider, giving them a few free days or a free report so that they have some idea of the quality of content that you are offering.
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Should You Stay away from Paid Surveys?

Guest post by Hooshmand Moslemi

If you have been seeking for an online business opportunity for a while, chances are you may have seen catchy headlines such as "Get Paid $60/Hour to Take Surveys” or ”Make Money Just By Participating In Online Focus Groups". In the first look, what it comes to your mind is that it´s too good to be true. You may be wondering if it is really possible to make that amount of money just by filling out some polls and surveys without spending too much time or money. And if it is true, is it really worth it or not?

Well, finding a convincing answer to the above questions is not that simple. Paid surveys opportunity is not a new work-at-home online business. It has been around for a long time now and could not be regarded as something totally illegal or scam. On top of that, there are hundreds of thousands of people earning an additional income just by taking surveys and participating in focus groups. So, there is no doubt that real paid surveys companies still exist and serve people to make an extra income on the Internet.

However, you may be asking yourself if it is worth trying or you should stay away from paid surveys. While this question does not have any straight answer, either, I try to point out some of the facts behind paid surveys according to my personal point of view, as a person who has tried this opportunity long time ago. Then, it will up to you to make the right decision and figure it out for yourself.

1. Many paid surveys websites charge you a certain fee in order to join them. After sign-up, you will only get access to a huge list of companies where you can join separately and create your profile. So, bear in mind that you won´t get access to tons of surveys right after sign up.

2. That list is quite big and contains hundreds of market research companies. It may take hours of visiting and registering one by one which is a very time-consuming process.

3. In order to join every single company, you need to create a demographic profile. So, all of those companies would have access to many confidential information that covers your privacy. I am not saying that they are unreliable websites, but I would not feel comfortable. Apart from that, your e-mail address would be bombarded by tons of company deals and offers day in day out. Isn´t it annoying?

4. Many market research companies require users from only United States or United Kingdom. So, if you live outside these regions, you would simply miss out a lot of survey programs.

5. There is a reason for creating a profile in market survey companies. They need to check if the surveys they are going to send you match your demographic data. So, even if you live in the U.S. there is still a probability that you won´t get as many surveys as possible.

6. The majority of survey companies do not pay you cash. They give you rewards such as a free book or MP3 Player or something like that. You spend money for getting a list of market research companies, spend your time to join every single website out there, spend more time and fill out their polls and surveys, and then guess what?! You won´t get paid by cash! You will only get rewards.

7. And it gets more ridiculous when they offer you a spot in a reward list. Did you get it? After all inconvenience, you would be placed in a list of thousand of users and get the chance to win a prize!!! Does it make sense?

So, it was all my experience with paid surveys programs and market research companies. Now, the choice is yours. If you are like me, you might prefer something better. For me, my time is more valuable than my money. So, that´s why I would stay away from paid surveys and rather work on more profitable business opportunities. I hope you will do the same thing. You deserve better.

Author Bio
Instead of wasting your precious time and money on hypes and scams, look for a real business opportunity. Find out what the best money making system in 2009 is!
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TutorialTub - Write Tutorial an Get Paid

TutorialTub is another content network that allows you to write your own tutorial and publish on the Internet. You can write about any topic you like as long as your article is original and teaching people to do something. So, how-to articles and step-by-step guide are best preferred by TutorialTub.

Each of your tutorials and articles that gets approved and published will get their very own page. You can add your own AdSense ads on all your tutorial pages to earn AdSense revenue. There is no limit on how many tutorial you can write and publish. You can publish as much as you want and have your AdSense ads displaying on all your pages to make the most from AdSense.

Getting started is free and easy. All you have to do is sign up for a writer account with Tutorialtub.com, register with Google AdSense program if you haven't got an AdSense account, then insert your AdSense code into your Tutorialtub account and you can immediately start writing and submitting your tutorials for approval and publication.

Once your tutorial is live. Your AdSense ad will show on your tutorial page. Your tutorial page will attract some traffic and probably earn you some AdSense revenue. But if your tutorial gets a feature, you can expect more traffic and AdSense income.
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So You Have No Money and Want to Start to Make Money Online Immediately.... FusionCash and Cashcrate are Your Two Best Bets!

Guest post by Robert Marsh

People always want something for nothing. And with the explosion of Internet Marketing and E-Commerce in the last Decade people dream of hitting it rich overnight with little to no work or effort. Well, the fact of the matter is there is NO such thing as a free lunch. That's just the way this World works.

With that being said there are those legit, moneymaking Opportunities that you run across every once in a blue moon which require no cost whatsoever. Two of the Best examples of this are the two internet based home businesses known as FusionCash and Cashcrate.

There is a lot of buzz going on about FusionCash and Cashcrate lately as they are becoming a more and more popular way to make free cash online. I can honestly say there is good reason for this. Cashcrate and FusionCash are one of the few Legit moneymaking programs I have personally made fast money within minutes after signing up with them. And to join it's totally free.

Here is a little background about these two superb companies. They are known as GPT Sites. Which stands for 'get paid to ' . FusionCash and Cashcrate will actually pay you cash for just signing up with Free Offers and filling out short and easy Online Surveys which take just minutes to complete. The range of pay you get varies anywhere from $.25 all the way up to $50. And with FusionCash you get an automatic $5 Sign on Bonus without even doing a doggone thing !!

Will you get rich with Cashcrate and FusionCash ?? The answer is NO at least you won't become a millionaire doing them. But realistically there are many Members who make over a $1,000 per month with them. Working a few hours per month over time you can build up to this amount. Its doable especially with the fact you can earn extra income by referring people to join on top of everything else !!

So there you have it. Who says you can't make money online without having money to start out with ? The proof is in the pudding and FusionCash and Cashcrate are two legit ways to put some extra money in your pocket. And you can literally start doing it within minutes.
Cheers !!

Authors Bio
Robert Marsh is a full time Internet Marketer whose main expertise is in the area of Online Surveys, GPT Sites, and Affiliate Marketing. Take a second to visit him as he teaches how to consistently make money with free paid surveys and gives you the actual LIST of Surveys he makes Money with Everyday!
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Is Facebook the Next Google?

Guest post by Roxanne Manning

Ok. I admit at first glance, this may seem like an absurd question. Except that it really is not. Facebook allows you to advertise to an extremely targeted market and you only pay for those people that click on your ads, much like Google. Obviously, you won’t be able to reach as many people as would when advertising on Google. However, the number of people that you can advertise to is pretty substantial. Millions of people visit the site every day and Facebook has 150 million members, making it one of the most visited websites on the planet.

Most internet marketers are already aware that Google can be a very effective way to advertise one’s products. It doesn’t matter if it is a physical product or a downloadable one. Many people use the Google search engine to look for things that they are looking to buy. If you can get your products in front of them, you have an opportunity to make a good deal of money.

However, in recent years, Google has gotten extremely competitive for advertisers. It is much harder to purchase cheap clicks, therefore, making it much more difficult to make a profit. Google has also instituted new rules and continue to do so which make it tougher for advertisers to achieve high quality scores and thus affordable advertising. For these reasons, it is important for internet marketers to find new, fresh and less expensive ways to advertise their businesses and products. Facebook is becoming one of those new ways.

Advertising on Facebook is very similar to purchasing ads on sites like Google, Yahoo and MSN. You create a short ad and then choose your target market. You can pick the gender, age and location of your ideal customer and your ads will only be shown to them. You also decide how much you want to spend on each click or can pay per impression.

Facebook allows you to get much more targeted visitors then you would from most pay-per-click companies. Typically, you can only choose who your ads are shown to based on the keywords that you have picked and the particular part of the country that they reside in.

Because Facebook receives so much more information about their members, they are better able to get your ads in front of the exact demographic that are likely to be most interested in what you are selling. This means that your advertising dollars are much better utilized and hopefully, your conversions are much higher.

To be successful, you must put in a lot of thought into who would be most interested in your offer. If you get this wrong, then you won’t get the results that you want. However, if you can figure out what type of people are most likely to purchase the products that you are promoting, then you have a great chance of making some sales.

Besides getting your target market right, you also need to work hard at creating a compelling ad. Your ad will determine whether or not people even make it to your website. Spend some time studying ads on Google. See which ones pique your interest and then copy their style.

Facebook can be a potential gold mine for the right types of product. Because they have a pay-per-click model, you can control your costs. Also because of Facebook’s ability to target a particular audience with laser like focus, using their website to sell your products can really be lucrative.
...

Source Alan Liew

Affiliate Marketing VS MLM

Guest post by Cameron Blyth

There are plenty of worthwhile business opportunities on the internet in the sectors of both Affiliate Marketing and MLM but which one is right for you. Well this question can only be answered by one person, you. In this report I will give you my personal views on both Affiliate Marketing and MLM.

Let me start with a few positives of Affiliate Marketing. First of all it is a very simple business which only requires you to promote a product, there is no need for a website because that is included in the program and once someone purchases the program you will make a commission. Another great thing about it is that you will never have to deal with customers. MLM on the other hand is a bit different. Although you are not required to contact your downline, it can prove to be very beneficial because building a good business relationship with your downline and helping them to promote their business will allow them to make money faster, which in turn makes you more money.

A benefit is the residual income that is available to MLM owners more so then affiliate marketers because as an affiliate marketer you refer people to a product or service and in most cases you are paid a one time commission and that's all the money you will see from that particular transaction. As an MLM owner you have the benefit of building an organization with a downline from which you can receive massive amounts of residual income without even touching the mouse. The appeal of making money by basically not doing much is a factor that most people find hard to turn down.

Don't get me wrong to get to the point where you are making significant residual income does take time and hard work. However once your system is in place and your organization begins to spit out top producers it makes MLM a much more attractive business opportunity then affiliate marketing too many people.

I like to think of MLM as affiliate marketing when you are just getting started because you are getting an upfront commission when you personally refer somebody and all the commissions you are getting from your down-line should be thought of as a bonus but those bonuses will then start to overtake your regular upfront commissions and your downline growth begins to run on autopilot and will slowly build bigger and bigger.

MLM is an extraordinary business once you put in some hard work but if it's the simplicity of affiliate marketing that takes your fancy than that is great because it is an excellent business for beginners. Whether you choose Affiliate Marketing or MLM, with some hard work and dedication, Success will be in your very near future.

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Make Money On eBay Without Selling Anything

Guest post by Pedro Brannum

The eBay partner network makes it very easy to take advantage of a very recognized and trusted system. Ebay is known and trusted by many online shoppers. Sending traffic to eBay can be very easy to do and very profitable.

The Build a Niche Store System
The makers of the Build a Niche Store system have created a system that anyone can use to build a profitable online business without any knowledge in website programming or HTML. Taking advantage of the eBay Partner Network, Build a Niche Store (BANS) helps you make money using eBay product feeds. The support BANS offers its users is second to none. BANS walks you through setting up your website every step of the way and goes even farther with its online community of fellow Build a Niche Store users who will help you be successful online.

What makes BANS so easy to use? Besides making it easy to offer eBay products to your visitors, BANS is a content management system. Using the Build a Niche Store systems backend, you can change the look of your online store in several different ways. There are places to add your own online advertisements, a complete what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor, and even adding your own header images and changing the websites style sheets. BANS includes a very easy to use template system and will teach you how to edit the template. There are also many websites dedicated to creating BANS templates and offer them for use freely. Build a Niche Store Tools also offers resources for visitors to draw from.

The secret to success with BANS is finding profitable niche markets that do not have a lot of online competition and building a small, focused website on that niche. Search engines thrive on new information that users search for, so targeting trends is important. If you setup five or six of these niche websites using the BANS system, unique content, and a marketing strategy, you will make money online. The best part is you choose when to work on your online business. The more work you do, the more money you will make.
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Make Money Online by Giving Stuff away

Russell Brunson from http://www.dotcomsecrets.com has recently worked out something interesting. He produced the first Internet marketing cartoon "Zoobie The Internet Marketing Newbie!!!" and a CD product called Do You Suck at Making Money.

Zoobie The Internet Marketing Newbie cartoon contains three episodes, showing you a lot of examples of not making any money. I watched all the episodes, all the episodes are funny and entertaining; and letting you know what is not working.

And the CD product is free. It is a step-by-step video series showing you how to give away free stuff online and make money. Selling products on the Internet is hard. So, the videos advise you stop selling them but instead give away them free to earn money. If you don't have a product yet, don't worry you will learn how to get one fast! Everything is explained clearly in the video series so that you can start making money online giving things away as soon as possible.

Both the cartoon and CD product of Russell are available at http://www.doyousuckatmakingmoney.com. You can get instant access to the three episodes of the Internet marketing cartoon by just opting-in Russell's mailing list.

The CD is a physical product. To get a copy, you'll need to give your shipping address and pay for the shipping fee ($9.97 US & Canada, $14.97 International). Don't worry, this isn't a scam. Rusell Brunson is a reputable Internet marketing experts. His CD product will give your rock-solid information for making money on the Internet.
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