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How To Make Money Online ($2,000) in 1 day using (YouTube)

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I'm No Longer Can Make Money Online with AdSense Using This Blog

Early I told you that I was warned by Google AdSense Team that some of my blog posts have been formatted to look like AdSense ads and Google gave me three days to fix that or I'll will not be able to display AdSense ads forever in this blog.

I made the changes and after three days nothing happen, so I must have past that.

But, yesterday, just after 5 minute I published a new post, all my AdSense ads gone. I think the Google AdSense team automatically detected the new post was against their policies, so immediately remove my AdSense ads from this blog. But I swear the post isn't against any of their policies. I then deleted the post to see whether the ads will come back. No, still blank in the space after hours of waiting. I think this simply means I can no longer show AdSense ads on this blog.

AdSense has been a great source of revenue for this blog and I have lost it. I started to thinking to retire this blog. Stop working on it and let the blog falls from No. 1 ranking for the keyword 'make money online'.

Yesterday night doesn't sleep well. Thinking about how to make this blog to generate income in the future as I still get a lot of search engine traffic from this blog. And today morning I finally decided to make some major chances to this blog.

Firstly, I will chance the template of moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com. I have picked a professional template, it is three column and looks better than this one. I will change the template in these coming two days. Then I will focus on private ads selling, leads selling and signing up one to two pay per click programs such Kontera, and etc. May be also selling text links or paid reviews. But, all these new income sources I added in to http://moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com wouldn't be able to replace the income that I used to earn from one Google AdSense program.

Google AdSense is really a powerful money making program. If you get good amount of targeted traffic and optimize the ads well on your site, AdSense will work very well for you. ...Read More...

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SEO Tips - These Will Make A Massive Difference

What is SEO and do I need it
SEO is the process of driving more quality traffic (“visitors”) to your web site from a search engine via the organic (“natural”) listings.
Organic search results are returned free of charge by a search engine and as such you are not charged every time someone clicks on a link to your website.
The process of SEO has to consider how search engine algorithms work, how “bots” crawl your website and what keywords people would key in to find your site or what products or services you sell.

How does SEO work
We have just demonstrated the process of SEO to you, How? We hear you ask, well you are probably reading this page or came to this website because you found us listed on a search engine like Google, Windows Live, or Yahoo, there you go that’s what SEO is all about, you type in a search phrase or keyword, a list of website are shown in the results, you click on a website you think can answer your question or provide you with a product or service your looking for, you visit the website and bang job done, that’s what SEO is all about.
Now if your in business can you afford not to have your website listed on the first page of the major search engines, well probably not because the chances are your competitors are already there and are no doubt “raking it in” with all those visitors that come to their website, after all if your not listed then how would these people find you.

Google SEO tips
There are over 200 factors (some listed below if you fancy a bit of DIY SEO) which Google can use to determine where your page should list in the search engine results (SERPs).
How may of these factors are used when scoring your website or web page is based on your competition and your website theme along with how complex your website is.
Here is a list of some of those factors based on our research and knowledge within the industry and we would like to stress that this is from our knowledge.
The SEO rules listed below are not listed by any relevance as at the end of the day that exercise is down to you along with your type of website and competition.
Please note that when we refer to the word keyword it can mean either one word or multiple words that are always together when users search the internet for a particular product or service, i.e. “SEO” is a keyword as is “SEO Company”.

Domain name factors

Main keyword in domain name
This helps and can add points but it’s not as important as it used to be.

Top level domain name extensions
(TLD)What sort of domain extension you have can get you points without doing anything.

.gov gets very high status
.info can get high status depending on topic
.edu gets very high status
.org can get high status.

What you need to do is have a TLD that is based in your country or the country you are aiming at, i.e. co.uk for UK companies or for people searching in the UK.

Internet users also look at the extensions of a domain in the search results and many will click on links that they think are in their own country.
Try to avoid domains like .uk.com, as these are hard for your customers to remember and seem not to rank well for searches based on the country your aiming for.

Age of domain
Old websites do well, older websites are more trusted if they stay within the same topics or themes.
New websites are not so trusted and can end up in the Google sandbox, it can take up to 6 months to get out of the sandbox if you have a good website.
In some cases we have seen it take up to 1 year to get out of the sandbox, this can depend on your type of website and theme.

URL factors

Main keyword in URL
This is a must and scores big points, use hyphens or underscores to separate words.

However Google can see the separate words even if they are all joined up.
Not to many words as that can be classed as spam, (max 5) with a max of 3 hyphens or underscores and use one or the other, not both.

URL length
Keep this to a minimal but try to use your main keyword or even what someone might key in as a search term, i.e. “Google_SEO.asp”.
Caution should be used as if it’s to long you could raise a flag for spam.
Less than 50 characters is a better idea.

Meta tag factors

Description Meta tag
Still in use and is often displayed as the search result text.

Must show theme with a max of 200 characters and no special characters.

The description must be unique to each page.

Keywords Meta tag
Apparently not used by Google, but we still use it as “G” are not the only search engine out there, could be used if the bot has problems working out what your real keyword are, Max 10 keywords words and every world must be on your page.

Robots Meta tag
Only needed if you want to stop your page being indexed


If you don’t want the description from the open directory project to be used then use the robots tag with NOODP

Author Meta tag
Have seen this used by other search engines, so pop it in with the name of the author of the web page.

Copyright Meta tag
Have seen it used by other search engines, use it for any copyright info and normally you just put the company name or domain name in.

Web page content factorS

Main keyword in the title tag
This is a must and scores massive points, use | to separate keywords
First or second word using the main keyword is best
Title tag 5 to 60 characters max, also max 3 special characters, unique for each page.

Latent Semantic Indexing
This is one of the biggest factors when writing content for your web page.
Latent Semantic Indexing is really synonyms, but based on user browsing habits rather then synonyms from a dictionary.
A lot of time can be taken up writing content that includes other related words to the main keywords of your web page.
i.e. people who search for “labels” also looked at sites that provide “stickers”
Therefore Google will relate the word stickers to labels meaning that if you have a web page with both words on then you are more related than a page with only one of the words.
Extra caution should be used with this, it’s easy to over do and end up being marked down for spamming.

Keyword density in body text
Aim between 10% to 30% of total words in you total content.
Some keywords are sensitive to the total amount, other keywords are sensitive based on topic or theme so % threshold varies.
Individual keyword density in body
2% to 10% Max depending on the total amount of text or content on your page

Keywords inside H1, H2, H3 tags
These must be used correctly, Not to many, but does depend on theme and topic.
H1 at the top of page using main keyword followed by H2 but only if needed then H3 if required.

Keyword font size
This must be used correctly based on your page layout as putting in large text inside normal size text can make the website look messy and put your visitors off.
Idea is to use in headings where you have already used H1, H2 and H3 tags.

Keyword font weight
This is a must and is a good idea around the beginning of a sentence where you keywords are highlighted by using bold or strong, Google treats bold and strong as almost the same thing so you should use either based on what looks best for your web page.
Italic can also be used and scores points if used in the correct way, normally used when quoting what someone has said or a slogan of some sort.

Keyword proximity
It’s best to place your main keywords at or around the beginning of a page, usually best when within the first 20 words.

Keyword prominence
This would be a mixture of keyword proximity, keyword font weight and keyword font size.

Keyword stemming
Used to try and match words that might be keyed in during a search.
i.e. Google, Google’s, Googled etc

Page freshness
Google loves fresh pages, ones that are updated over time, have new content added.
This must be done very carefully as some pages should never really change and some pages should only have small changes done every now and then.
Home page should not really change unless you have a new service to offer, have a small news section on it, or have things like special offers displayed, otherwise this could cost you in your listing or a loss of some of your main keywords.
Other pages like About Us, Contact Us, Terms and conditions should also only be updated for good reason.
Info pages, product pages, news pages, special offer pages etc, should always be updated on a regular basis.
Depending on the page in question, updates should be once a week or once a month otherwise Google may have trouble keeping up with you and will cause visitors to “bounce” which is a bad thing.
Frequent updates will lead to frequent spidering which in turn leads to a newer search engine cache.

Content changes
As above but there should be a ratio between new pages and old pages.
The same can be said for updated pages, how much new content to old content.
The % ratio varies depending on page size and website size along with the theme of the website or sub directory.
Between 10% to 30% a month is a good idea but again it’s based on what the page does.
Content changesAs above but there should be a ratio between new pages and old pages.
The same can be said for updated pages, how much new content to old content.
The % ratio varies depending on page size and website size along with the theme of the website or sub directory.
Between 10% to 30% a month is a good idea but again it’s based on what the page does.

...

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Search Engine Optimization can be a long hard process of generating links, creating a nice page, and get listed in search engines. These tips should help you understand the concepts and the ideas on SEO better.

1. Exchange. Exchange links, articles, etc. with other related websites. I recommend exchanging articles because it is the most effective way to allow a search engine spider to “realize” your website. Article exchanges are similar to link exchanges, except two websites will create their own articles, but link to each other within the article. As the search engine spider reads the article, it will be sure to note your page. The links are good quality because they are surrounded by content.

2. Article Submitting. Submitting your article to any notable publisher or ezine will give your links a boost. The article may stay active for a few years which will surely help your SEO.

3. Site Mapping. A map of your site is like a road map to a search engine crawler. It lays out the entire website and lets it scan each one with significant importance. Your site map should link to every page on your website and should be linked to by every page on your website.

4. Link Titles. Add a title to your link that is relevant to your targeted keyword. It gives search engine spiders a better idea of your website before even arriving to it. This may also help your incoming traffic gain a better feel for where a specific link may be taking them.

5. Use Different Anchor Text. Anchor text helps your website build its keywords, but building the exact same keyword phrase is not a good idea. It gives the search engine spiders a sense that your links are automated and repetative. It is helpful to scramble and ad other keywords to your anchor text. You can even use your domain name as an anchor text. (Ex. Daily web development, Webmaster Development, Search Engine Websites, etc.)

6. Layered Links. If your website is armed with links going to all different pages, it gives search engine spiders a feeling that your website is filled with rich content. Versus, if all your inbound links point towards your homepage, it seems like your website is very shallow and empty.

7. Multiple Directories. Use as many directories as you can to gain traffic. Many users think they must target Google.com for all their traffic. This is not true. Many users from other countries use so many different directories. Getting a substantial listing in them will drive your traffic globally. (Try UK and Canadian Directories)

8. Use of text. The way your web pages are built influence your SEO hugely. Find your targeted keywords and add them to your website pages. Bold and italics should also be used on them to emphasize that they are of importance and relavence. Be sure to only do this once or twice every page.

9. Website Order. Many webmasters have their pages ordered in a very SEO unfriendly way. Try your best to revise your pages so that your links and keywords show up before anythng else. Then followed by images etc. Your partners and affiliates should be shown last because you want the search engine spiders to view your targeted keywords first. (They do put more weight on items they see first in your source code)

10. Domain Name Usage. Using more then one domain name may come to an advantage. You can create a nice link exchange with your own site as well as target two different topics. This allows each page to focus on one topic more which will help you do better in your SEO. When searching in search engines, a web page will only be shown once or twice. Having more then one domain name can ensure that you claim a better spot on rankings.

These tips are ways you can enhance your website SEO in a costless and effective way.

...

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Tips for webmaster seo

Be bold. Use the tags around some of your keywords on each page. Do NOT use them everywhere the keyword appears. Once or twice is plenty.

Deep linking. Make sure you have links coming in to as many pages as possible. What does it tell a search engine when other web sites are linking to different pages on your site? That you obviously have lots of worthwhile content. What does it tell a search engine that all your links are coming in to the home page? That you have a shallow site of little value, or that your links were generated by automation rather than by the value of your site.

Become a foreigner. Canada and the UK have many directories for websites of companies based in those countries. Can you get a business address in one of those countries?

Newsletters. Offer articles to ezine publishers that archive their ezines. The links stay live often for many years in their archives.

First come, first served. If you must have image links in your navigation bar, include also text links. However, make sure the text links show up first in the source code, because search engine robots will follow the first link they find to any particular page. They won’t follow additional links to the same page.

Multiple domains. If you have several topics that could each support their own website, it might be worth having multiple domains. Why? First, search engines usually list only one page per domain for any given search, and you might warrant two. Second, directories usually accept only home pages, so you can get more directory listings this way. Why not a site dedicated to gumbo pudding pops?

Article exchanges. You’ve heard of link exchanges, useless as they generally are. Article exchanges are like link exchanges, only much more useful. You publish someone else’s article on the history of pudding pops with a link back to their site. They publish your article on the top ten pudding pop flavors in Viet Nam, with a link back to your site. You both have content. You both get high quality links. (More on high quality links in other tips.)

Titles for links. Links can get titles, too. Not only does this help visually impaired surfers know where you are sending them, but some search engines figure this into their relevancy for a page.

Not anchor text. Don’t overdo the anchor text. You don’t want all your inbound links looking the same, because that looks like automation - something Google frowns upon. Use your URL sometimes, your company name other times, “Gumbo Pudding Pop” occasionally, “Get gumbo pudding pops” as well, “Gumbo-flavored pudding pops” some other times, etc.

Site map. A big site needs a site map, which should be linked to from every page on the site. This will help the search engine robots find every page with just two clicks. A small site needs a site map, too. It’s called the navigation bar.

...

Source Alan Liew

What’s an SEO? Does Google recommend working with companies that offer to make my site Google-friendly?

SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimizer.” Many SEOs provide useful services for website owners, from writing copy to giving advice on site architecture and helping to find relevant directories to which a site can be submitted. However, a few unethical SEOs have given the industry a black eye through their overly aggressive marketing efforts and their attempts to unfairly manipulate search engine results.

While Google doesn’t have relationships with any SEOs and doesn’t offer recommendations, we do have a few tips that may help you distinguish between an SEO that will improve your site and one that will only improve your chances of being dropped from search engine results altogether.

  • Be wary of SEO firms that send you email out of the blue.

    Amazingly, we get these spam emails too:

    “Dear google.com,

    I visited your website and noticed that you are not listed in most of the major search engines and directories…”

    Reserve the same skepticism for unsolicited email about search engines as you do for “burn fat at night”
    diet pills or requests to help transfer funds from deposed dictators.

  • No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

    Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google,
    or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to
    submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL
    page or through the Google Sitemaps program,
    and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.

  • Be careful if a company is secretive or won’t clearly explain what they intend to do.

    Ask for explanations if something is unclear. If an SEO creates deceptive or misleading content
    on your behalf, such as doorway pages or “throwaway” domains, your site could be removed entirely from
    Google’s index. Ultimately, you are responsible for the actions of any companies you hire, so it’s best
    to be sure you know exactly how they intend to “help” you.

  • You should never have to link to an SEO.

    Avoid SEOs that talk about the power of “free-for-all” links, link popularity schemes, or
    submitting your site to thousands of search engines. These are typically useless exercises that don’t
    affect your ranking in the results of the major search engines — at least, not in a way you would likely
    consider to be positive.

  • Some SEOs may try to sell you the ability to type keywords directly into the browser address bar.

    Most such proposals require users to install extra software, and very few users do so.
    Evaluate such proposals with extreme care and be skeptical about the self-reported number of users who
    have downloaded the required applications.

  • Choose wisely.

    While you consider whether to go with an SEO, you may want to do some research on the industry.
    Google is one way to do that, of course. You might also seek out a few of the cautionary tales that have
    appeared in the press, including this article on one particularly aggressive SEO:
    While Google doesn’t comment on specific companies, we’ve encountered firms calling themselves
    SEOs who follow practices that are clearly beyond the pale of accepted business behavior. Be careful.

  • Be sure to understand where the money goes.

    While Google never sells better ranking in our search results, several other search engines
    combine pay-per-click or pay-for-inclusion results with their regular web search results. Some SEOs will
    promise to rank you highly in search engines, but place you in the advertising section rather than in the
    search results. A few SEOs will even change their bid prices in real time to create the illusion that
    they “control” other search engines and can place themselves in the slot of their choice. This scam
    doesn’t work with Google because our advertising is clearly labeled and separated from our search results,
    but be sure to ask any SEO you’re considering which fees go toward permanent inclusion and which apply
    toward temporary advertising.

  • Talk to many SEOs, and ask other SEOs if they’d recommend the firm you’re considering.

    References are a good start, but they don’t tell the whole story. You should ask how long a
    company has been in business and how many full time individuals it employs. If you feel pressured or uneasy,
    go with your gut feeling and play it safe: hold off until you find a firm that you can trust.
    Ask your SEO firm if it reports every spam abuse that it finds to Google using our spam complaint form at
    Ethical SEO firms report deceptive sites that violate Google’s spam guidelines.

  • Make sure you’re protected legally.

    For your own safety, you should insist on a full and unconditional money-back guarantee.
    Don’t be afraid to request a refund if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, or if your SEO’s actions cause your
    domain to be removed from a search engine’s index. Make sure you have a contract in writing that includes pricing.
    The contract should also require the SEO to stay within the guidelines recommended by each search engine for
    site inclusion.

What are the most common abuses a website owner is likely to encounter?

One common scam is the creation of “shadow” domains that funnel users to a site by using deceptive redirects.
These shadow domains often will be owned by the SEO who claims to be working on a client’s behalf. However, if the
relationship sours, the SEO may point the domain to a different site, or even to a competitor’s domain. If that happens,
the client has paid to develop a competing site owned entirely by the SEO.

Another illicit practice is to place “doorway” pages loaded with keywords on the client’s site somewhere.
The SEO promises this will make the page more relevant for more queries. This is inherently false since individual
pages are rarely relevant for a wide range of keywords. More insidious, however, is that these doorway pages often
contain hidden links to the SEO’s other clients as well. Such doorway pages drain away the link popularity of a
site and route it to the SEO and its other clients, which may include sites with unsavory or illegal content.

What are some other things to look out for?

There are a few warning signs that you may be dealing with a rogue SEO. It’s far from a comprehensive list,
so if you have any doubts, you should trust your instincts. By all means, feel free to walk away if the SEO:

  • owns shadow domains
  • puts links to their other clients on doorway pages
  • offers to sell keywords in the address bar
  • doesn’t distinguish between actual search results and ads that appear in search results
  • guarantees ranking, but only on obscure, long keyword phrases you would get anyway
  • operates with multiple aliases or falsified WHOIS info
  • gets traffic from “fake” search engines, spyware, or scumware
  • has had domains removed from Google’s index or is not itself listed in Google

If you feel that you were deceived by an SEO in some way, you may want to report it.

...

Source Alan Liew

SEO = Search engine optimization

What is seo? Seo is all about helping the search engines to crawl your site better and give them the best of your site. This requires a lot of things to be done. We will try to post some of the valuable search engine optimization information here.

Blogs and websites get success by achieving a huge traffic. So how do we actually get traffic? For this there are many factors to it. We will try to put up some of the factors here:

1) Google page rank, higher the page rank the better it is. Page rank starts from 0 and goes to 10. page rank 4-6 should be considered decent. Google pagerank is found in the google toolbar. Though it is not all that accurate, so perhaps checking the pr from data centers are a better idea.

2) Backlinks are important, but geting backlinka involves a lot of work.

3) Unique content and fresh content.

If you get backlinks and fresh content, google page rank will go up, so let’s talk about the backlinks first. These are a few methods to get backlinks,

1) Article submission : it is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks. Just write a quality article, and submit it to as many article submission websites as you can. And add your website’s link in the article. This is how you get easy and free backlinks. Remember to check the page rank, as higher page rank article submission sites, are the best to get some quality backlinks. Remember this is contextual links, so this traffic is absolutely targeted, so it is adviced to write articles of the same category as the link in it.

2) Directory submission : I don’t recommend the free directories, as there are too many links. If you go for the free directories, then don’t submit all in one day, do it slowly so that the search engines don’t detect a lot of links at once! Too many links are link farms and it can get your site blacklisted by google and other search engines. Try the paid directories, must be pr3+ else it is pretty much waste of time. Some of my favorites are alive, aviva, v7n, gii etc!

3) Link exchange : this is another free method, but don’t do this too much. Find high pagerank websites, that are of the same category of your website. Then do link exchange with them. Do this with caution, and remember not to have more than 5% of your incomming links from link exchange, else it will hurt the rankings.

4) Buy links : well, one of the most easiest ways of getting quality backlink is buying links. You need to be careful to buy link, try getting links from pr4+ sites and get it from the home page. This is the best way, as you get quality one sided links. But then matt’s recent blogs are a bit against it, so perhaps doing this safely will be a lot better. Don’t put paid links or sponsored links in your sites. Do not actively sell or buy links.

You must optimize your keywords also. So for that, whenever you buy links or do link exchange, use your most important keyword to hiperlink your URL. This way your keywords importance in the search engines will increase. This is known as anchor text optimization. It is the best Seo technique.

Meta tags are very important, keep proper Meta tags in the head of your web site, following Meta tags much be present in your pages if you want to get higher rank and better traffic from the search engines:

1) keywords = must be around 120-150 characters long. 50% of your keywords and key phrases must be on your web site’s content, else it will be considered as keyword spamming. This is not the most important meta tags, these days search engines are more or less ignoring the keywords, so am repeating, that please don’t put up keywords that are not part of your page’s content.

2) Description: this is a very important Meta tags, when the site’s don’t have much contents, the meta description is used by the search engines to determine what type of site it is. This one must be around 150-175 characters, not more than that.

3) Title : this is the most important Meta tag. Title is the main reason why a site dose good in search engines and why a site dose not. A title tag must not be more than 50-60 characters. Try not putting up anything other than text in the title’s field. Also it is very important to put up your most important keyword in the title. Avoid special symbols, and if you want to put two keywords or key phrases in the title use this symbol “ ” between them.

These little things make huge difference for your search engine rankings and search engine traffic. Seo is all about helping the search engines, not finding way to cheat it. Try making nice websites, so that you visitors like them, and come back whenever they want more information.

Then next point is unique content and fresh content. These are two things that are very much necessary to make a successful site. You need quality unique content, and then you need to add these contents everyday. You can bring search engines crawlers by a lot of methods, but then only if you have quality unique content then your site will have better position in the search engines. High page rank and lot’s more depends on the content. So start writing and write, as often you want. Perhaps this is one of the major reasons that blogs works better than most websites.

If you are on the blogger try the feeds. Feeds are one of the best way to bring more people to read your content. The rss and xml feeds are pretty common these days. Blogger feeds are atom.xml and it works great. Use feedburner.com to get the most out of your feeds. Just get a free account there, add your site’s feed in the feed burner, after that make some add to “my google” and “my yahoo” buttons, that’s it! just add those buttons on your site, easy!

Social networking is one of the best ways to drive a huge traffic to your websites or blogs, but then it dosenot really help to much from the seo point of view, as the nofollow tags are available with the link on those sites. But then am getting over a few thousand hits from the social network sites, so it is worth a try, most of all, it is all free!

del.icio.us, stumbleupon, digg, furl etc are a few of these!

A quick link building tips :

Start giving comments on blogs, there are some of the famous blogs with huge pr, and traffic, though the nofollow tags might be there, but then it is still good to go for a try. Just add a link with the comment!

Forum signatures are a nice way to make traffic, good for backlinks.

Try blog posts (webmaster seo blog), reviews and contextual links!

...

Source Alan Liew

The 10 Top SEO Tips

Site map. A big site needs a site map, which should be linked to from every page on the site. This will help the search engine robots find every page with just two clicks. A small site needs a site map, too. It’s called the navigation bar.

Not anchor text. Don’t overdo the anchor text. You don’t want all your inbound links looking the same, because that looks like automation - something Google frowns upon. Use your URL sometimes, your company name other times, “Gumbo Pudding Pop” occasionally, “Get gumbo pudding pops” as well, “Gumbo-flavored pudding pops” some other times, etc.

Deep linking. Make sure you have links coming in to as many pages as possible. What does it tell a search engine when other web sites are linking to different pages on your site? That you obviously have lots of worthwhile content. What does it tell a search engine that all your links are coming in to the home page? That you have a shallow site of little value, or that your links were generated by automation rather than by the value of your site.

Become a foreigner. Canada and the UK have many directories for websites of companies based in those countries. Can you get a business address in one of those countries?

Newsletters. Offer articles to ezine publishers that archive their ezines. The links stay live often for many years in their archives.

Multiple domains. If you have several topics that could each support their own website, it might be worth having multiple domains. Why? First, search engines usually list only one page per domain for any given search, and you might warrant two. Second, directories usually accept only home pages, so you can get more directory listings this way. Why not a site dedicated to gumbo pudding pops?

First come, first served. If you must have image links in your navigation bar, include also text links. However, make sure the text links show up first in the source code, because search engine robots will follow the first link they find to any particular page. They won’t follow additional links to the same page. You can see this in action at the link to the home page on this

Article exchanges. You’ve heard of link exchanges, useless as they generally are. Article exchanges are like link exchanges, only much more useful. You publish someone else’s article on the history of pudding pops with a link back to their site. They publish your article on the top ten pudding pop flavors in Viet Nam, with a link back to your site. You both have content. You both get high quality links. (More on high quality links in other tips.)

Titles for links. Links can get titles, too. Not only does this help visually impaired surfers know where you are sending them, but some search engines figure this into their relevancy for a page.

Be bold. Use the tags around some of your keywords on each page. Do NOT use them everywhere the keyword appears. Once or twice is plenty.

...

Source Alan Liew

Learn Make Money Blogging Tutorial

Author Matt Garrett offers a free step-by-step tutorial about how to make money from blogging on his site BlogTactics.com. The tutorial is very useful for new blog users and new webmasters. The tutorial tell about how create blog, how make money and configuring a blog so that you can publish a new blog on the Internet in fastest time possible. The tutorial guide is good for you if you plan to start making money online from blogging.

Matt Garrett, "BlogTactics Your First Blog" tutorial guide discover the blog setup and configure maximum traffic. This tutorial discover categories are,

  • How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog
  • How To Buy An Existing Blog
  • How To Pick Up An Expired Domain With Traffic, Backlinks & Pagerank
  • How To Set Up Your Email For Your Blog
  • How To Add A Newsletter Subscription
  • How To Create A Custom Header Graphic
  • How To Add Images To Your Blog Posts and more.
The BlogTactics money making blog secrets is absolutely free and also you get four free tools for promoting your blog. The four different tools are such as,
  1. Keyword Tool
  2. Blog Link Finder
  3. Project Management Tool
  4. Forum Poster
...

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Earn Monthly Revenue From MIVA

If you have a Web site, MIVA MC (Monetization Center) can help you earn more revenue from your blog. With MIVA MC, Pay-Per-Click Ads are included on your site and you earn revenue when users click on the Ads. MIVA MC provide different Pay Per Click Ads are In Line Pay-Per-Click Ads, Content Ads and Search Ads within your content.

MIVA MC publisher network is free to join, Lets you include Pay-Per-Click Ads both alongside and within your content. You can choose any combination of Content Ads, InLine Ads or Search Ads for your web site. So, even if you already have advertising on your site you can choose the different ad formats using to your site, and deliver even more revenue.

InLine Ads:

With MIVA InLine Ads, keywords within your web site copy are highlighted. When a user interacts with these words, Pay-Per-Click Ads relevant to the keyword are shown. Implement InLine Ads to deliver even more revenue. MIVA MC makes it simple to include Ads matched exactly to the content of your web pages, and earn revenue when users click on them.

Content Ads:

With Content Ads you can include keyword-targeted Pay-Per-Click Ads next to your web site content and earn revenue when a user clicks on them. They lets you select the keywords that trigger your Ads.

Search Ads:

Monetize Web searches by integrating Pay-Per-Click Ads into search result pages that stay on your site and reflect the look and feel of your brand.

MIVA provide powerful reporting functionality allows you to quickly and easily generate reports by date and by implementation. The end of the month balance is over $25. You can choose to receive payments check or PayPal. ...Read More...

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Google Canceled Adsense Publisher Christmas Gift 2008

Google Adsense is a very popular ads publisher network. Every years Google send Christmas gift or holiday gift from our adsense publisher. Google Adsense might not be sending out Christmas gifts to its best Adsense publishers this year. Its disappointing, but it seems the global economics climate and job layoffs are taking their toll on festivities this year.

An official representative from AdSense team post this in a Webmaster World forum:

" We really appreciate the work you all put into building great sites. However, we feel that gift-giving is not the most appropriate gesture this year given the current global economic climate. I know you may be disappointed, but I hope you can understand our efforts to be fiscally responsible in these times. "

Most of the Adsense publisher will be disappointed. But, Currently world economics is very poor stage. So, I think Google cancel our christmas gift from our adsense publisher. Not only are they asking employees to celebrate holidays more economically, Google has also decided to cancel the annual Christmas gift for AdSense publishers blaming the economic climate. ...Read More...

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How To Start Profitable Online Business - Free E-book

If you don't know any online business how to start successful, New free e-book guide to a profitable online business. "Mining Your Fortune On The Internet" e-book is freebies to learn and download. This is new e-book from online with a lot of good content inside. It is a comprehensive guide that can help you to start a free or low investment online business to make money on the Internet. You will benefit from reading this e-book whether you are a beginner or already started an online business.

You can easily know and understand the basic fundamentals of internet business from this book. This book will very help you learn the online business basics as fast as possible. You can believe Buy resell Rights and Sign up as an affiliate.

This e-book guide the basics, simple and easy way of sart online business step by step.Also, you learn How to get a simple and professional looking website without spending a fortune and How to make your website suck as much profit as possible from nearly every person that visits your site.

The freebies e-book written by William Neild. You will learn absolutely everything you need to know to start your own profitable online (Internet) business. So, you can start earning a comfortable income from the comfort of your own home without the stress and single part time work. If you like to download this book free sign up needed. ...Read More...

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Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Where to Start?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the important things you need to do when making money on the Internet. SEO will improve your website and blog performance and rankings in Google so that you can get more targeted traffic and generate more online income.

There are many free guide, ebooks and reports about SEO. Some are good and giving accurate information and other are just promotional e-books offering limited content. It is going to take you a lot of time to find out which one you can rely on.

However, there is one SEO e-book that can't be wrong. It is the SEO Starter Guide released by Google in last month. Google is the one who set the rules on how to rank websites and blogs in their search engine. So, definitely, their SEO Started Guide will provide you the precise information and tips on how to optimize your website to become Google friendly and improve ranking in Google.

SEO starter Guide teaches you to effectively change and optimize your website for improving Google ranking. Whether you are beginners or an experienced web publishers, you can follow the tips on SEO started guide when optimizing your web pages for SEO.

SEO involves on-page optimization and off-page optimization. The SEO Started Guide covered all the aspects of on-page optimization. on-page optimization is necessary and will help increase your Google ranking but not enough for getting your website ranked on first page on Google.

You need to do off-page optimization if you want a top ten ranking. Off-page optimization is about building relevant backlinks for your website. You need as many relevant backlinks as possible. It takes time and works when building links. But once your website reached top in Google, you could be getting a lot of free targeted and making decent amount of cash from the traffic.

There is one SEO expert teaching off-page optimization. His name is Brad Callen, the creator of SEO Elite software tool. In his sale website of SEO Elite, he is offering a free 7 day SEO cource. You may sign up for the course anytime at http://www.seoelite.com. The course teaches you about off-page optimization but also covers on-page optimization at the beginning.

SEO forums also are also helpful to you. If you have questions or need advice, you can ask it in SEO forum like http://forums.seochat.com and http://www.webproworld.com. ...Read More...

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Make Money With Small Business Ideas Online

Guest Posy by Joe Crawford

Making money with a small business has long been the well trodden path to personal and financial freedom for years. The shift in sheer numbers of people starting a small business in the last decade has been astounding, to say the least. Why?

People who have been employed in a particular field for a decade or more begin to understand that, in order to make more money, they need to make a change. In the past, arriving at this realization has been a painful one, but more often today, the arrival is a launching place.

With information being much more accessible today, starting a small business and implementing a money making plan is on the table, a realistic option for millions of Americans. The culture of "Get a Safe Job" has retired along with the millions of baby boomers and aspiring success minded people are evaluating small business ideas instead. Using the Internet and web based tools to automate many of the common business practices and processes saves a ton of time and the need for face to face selling, this is a huge attractor for the business minded person who wishes to maintain time freedom.

Small business online are becoming more and more popular especially among first time entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to expand their businesses. Some online small business ideas include publishing Information, membership websites, matching consumers with merchants, web design, online publications and blogging.

These are just a few of the many online small business ideas the people are making money with currently. Some of the benefits of starting an online small business cost of entry, and the low cost of overhead. Imagine starting a business without the cumbersome costs of real estate, equipment, employees, employment taxes and workers compensation.

Just a few of the common costs associated with starting a small business that are virtually erased when you start a business online. The Internet serves as a powerful marketing tool for many entrepreneurs and connecting with customers across the globe is commonplace in the online small business world.

Author Bio
For more information about small business ideas and tips to starting a successful home based business without the costs usually associated with a small business start up, Visit Create Liberty online by following a link above. ...Read More...

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How to Use Social Bookmarks for Internet Marketing

Guest Post by Chester Chen

There are millions of sites out there and it is impossible to remember all of them. But who says you have to remember them. But who says you have to remember them? You can bookmark it using Del.icio.us and come back later.

Social bookmark is an excellent way to share any blog post or videos that you find interesting. Internet marketers and search engine specialists know this very well and they have spent a considerable amount of time to leverage the system for their business.

There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites available out there and it would probably take more than a few hours just to submit them to 100 of social bookmarking sites. You might not have the time to do it yourself so how do you still get the backlinks for your sites? Simple, just outsource it to specialist who is providing social bookmarketing service. They might have the network of friends who will like your story and help to increase your rating.

A backlink from social bookmark is considered as a do-follow link and this increase your ranking score on search engines. If done correctly, you target audiences will bookmark your website too and your backlinks will increase exponentially.

You can take advantage of social bookmarks by using your targeted keyword for the bookmarks title. This is an excellent way for you to increase your link popularity.

You need to be creative with your title and tag your website with your targeted keywords. So this will lead other to your website when they type in your keywords. This can be the difference of having a number of backlinks from your own bookmarks o massive and instant traffic to your sites. This can help you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars from paying for PPC campaigns just to get targeted traffic to your sites.

But you will have to make sure your submission is relevant. Don't even think of spamming your own links because that might be counter-productive. You are given about 100 words in the description section but that doesn't mean your should include your keywords more that once on it.

Other members might not be happy with what you're doing and flag your submission. You don't want that to happen because it could be getting your account suspended.

Internet marketers understand the power of social bookmarks and they will not hesitate to outsource the dirty job of building backlinks from these sites. After all, it is impossible to do it by yourself when you have 20 blogs that you update on daily basis.

Social bookmarks can also be a great source for you to find relevant information that you can use to grow your business. Who knows you might stumble upon a site that provides WordPress olugin that you don't even know for your search engine optimization campaign.

Author Bio
Chester Chen discusses about Internet marketing strategies on his blog. Be sure to visit it on daily basis to learn how you can increase your profit without burning your pocket. ...Read More...

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Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way for normal people like you and I to sell products for larger companies just as if they were our own in a way. For the sale of these products you get a commission which can be anywhere from 1%-90% depending on the product, company, and specific affiliate offer. Amazon.com was the main pioneer of online affiliate marketing. By Feb of 1998 Amazon, had attracted more than 25,000 webmasters as affiliates giving them amazing publicity in exchange for a small commission on sales. By 2004, 6 years later, they had amassed over 900,000 affiliates selling products for them. The great thing about affiliate marketing instead of marketing your own product, is that there are few worries. You don't have to ship products out, and you have no customer support worries. You just sell the product and thats it. Now, it's not as easy as it may seem. You can't just slap a page together direct random traffic to it and expect to earn hundreds of dollars a week. There is plenty to learn in the industry to convert your products into sales.


Since it is so easy to slap a web page together, add a few links to products and then try making sales, it seems like everyone and their mother are getting into affiliate marketing. This makes it quite difficult sometimes to outrank your competition on search engines and get people to buy the product from your page instead of the hundreds or thousands of other sites promoting the same exact product(s). Thats why search engine optimization as well as a good marketing strategy is needed for you to become a full time affiliate marketer. Check out our guides on Search engine optimization as they will really help you overcome a large portion of your competition.

Finding Products to sell:

There are literally over 50,000 companies on the web that offer some sort of affiliate program. There are companies such as Overstock and Amazon who have thousands of affiliates, and then companies like your local Mom & Pop market who may have one or 2. It is up to you to find the products, companies, and payout rates that fit into your plan. I will list just a few of the more popular websites to find these affiliate offers and explain what the advantages of each are:

- http://www.cj.com
Commission Junction is probably the oldest and most popular portal for affiliate programs. There are thousands and thousands of companies that you can find throu Cj.com. You basically just register an account, confirm the account, and start selecting companies you would liek to work with. CJ will tell you when you are approved and then give you the referral codes for each companies products. Its very simple and easy to use.

- http://Linkshare.com
Linkshare is also one of the more popular affiliate portals out there. It works basically the same way as CJ.com does. Linkshare is known for having more direct product links ulike CJ which tends to have links to the store itself.

- http://clickbank.com
If you are into selling information products, and products which are distributed online such as ebooks, memberships, guides, etc, then Clickbank is right for you. All you do is register an account with them, and then browse their thousands of products. Select the product you wish to sell, and they will give you your url. The great thing about Ebooks and information products is that since there are no manufacturing costs per item for the owners, they usually offer anywhere from 25-85% commission. That means that you will often get more money per sale then the person who created the product!

- Directly through the company
The above links are affiliate portals which mange affiliate programs for various vendors. There are, however, companies which offer their affiliate program directly to the affiliate. These companies often pay out a larger percentage since there is no middleman. These take a little more time to locate, but they are usually worth the effort. The best way to find such companies is to simply use Google, and search for the product or company you are looking for. Then simply look around on their page for the link saying "affiliates" or "partners".

Some other great places to find affiliate products and companies are:

- http://www.clixgalore.com
- http://www.fineclicks.com
- http://www.affiliateguide.com
- http://www.websponsors.com
- http://www.clickxchange.com
- http://www.performics.com
- http://www.shareasale.com
- http://www.affiliatefuel.com
- http://www.darkblue.com

2 Different Strategies:

Marketing towards a Unique Niche
The advantage of marketing and selling products in a rather unique and untapped niche is the fact that you will have very little competition. The disadvantages of course are that the demand for your product is not all that great. Different marketers have different philosophies towards these strategies. The best way to go about marketing a lesser known product in a well defined niche is to do market research, and jump on new products as soon as they are released for sale.

What I like to do is use the Google Product search main page located at: http://google.com/products and look at the list of "A few of the items recently found with Google Product Search". Often times new items pop up here. Just keep reloading for a new list. You then can search for common keywords associated with that product by going here: http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion/ . Use the top keywords to create articles or content for your site and then suggest the product at the end of the article or content, with of course your affiliate link. Also link to a sales page you create for this product on all your articles or content pages.

Another Unique tool I love, is the new Google Checkout Trends search located at: http://checkout.google.com/trends/ The great thing about this tool is you can compare 2 products to see which is being purchased more via Google Checkout. If Crest and Colgate both sell a new type of toothpaste, and the Crest one is being bought more, according to Google Checkout Trends, it's probably easier for you to sell the Crest product over the Colgate one.

Marketing towards a broad, very popular Niche
Other marketers seem to prefer the idea of selling products that are in extremely high demand. This is great, in that you will have a ton of people looking to buy what you are selling, however, this also means that you will encounter a huge amount of competition.

So what is it that are considered high demand products?

An Ernst & Young study found that the most popular products bought online are:
- Computer related products (40%)
- Books (20%)
- Travel (16%)
- Clothing (10%)
- Recorded Music and Subscriptions (6%)
- Gifts (4%)
- Investment (4%)

Also information products like those found at Clickbank.com are seemingly in high demand. After all thats what people use the internet for mainly, to find information.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Product/Service to Market/Promote as well as a General Niche

- Do you know a lot about this Product/Service?
In order to sell other people on a product or service, you must know everything you possibly can about it. You need to be informed about the company behind it, pricing history, demand, how it works, etc. If you are not informed, then your sales page will reflect this and likely turn people away. Knowing about the product/service you are selling allows you to be more creative, building a site that looks professional, and writing selling points that will be so tempting towards your visitors that they will have little choice other than to buy from your site.

- Do you have a Passion. and Truly Recommend the Product/Service to Friends?
Although it is entirely possible to sell products or services that you don't believe in, it helps a great deal if you do. Being passionate about what you are selling will shine through to the sales page, and right to the potential buyers. A passion for what you are selling also makes it easier, and almost fun to set up a webpage to sell it. You are doing more then just trying to make money this way, you are also helping people find something you truly think will be a good purchase for them.

Does the Affiliate Have Cookies Enabled for Repeat Visitors?
What if someone clicks through to your affiliate link from your sales page, and is unsure if he/she wants to purchased the item? They don't buy it right away, and instead bookmark it or just go back to the vendors site a week later to purchase the product. Will you get credited for the sale and earn commission? The answer to this question depends on the vendor you are selling for. Many affiliate programs today will credit you for the sale in the example above. What they do is add a cookie to the visitors computer, so that if they come back at a later date the affiliate who referred them last will get credited for the sale. Choosing an affiliate that does offer cookies (usually 15-45 days for most) can mean the difference between making 10 sales and making 15. A recent marketing study done by TeamEarners.com back in December 2007 showed that nearly 30% of all purchases were made a day or more after the person initially visited the sales site.

- Is there a Good Tracking System?
One of the most important things to an affiliate is the tracking. If you are spending hundreds of dollars a month on Google Adwords to drive traffic to your sales page, you want to know just where the traffic is clicking, how long they stay on the page and what percentage of clickthroughs actually make a purchase. Clickbank.com offers great tracking stats, but other affiliates often don't. You want to know as soon as a visitor comes to your site and clicks the affiliate link, whether he/she made a purchase or not. On your own page you can add the code for Google Analytics (http://analytics.google.com), however once they click the affiliate link and leave your page, the tracking is dependent on the vendor you are the affiliate for.

- What Kind of Commission are you Earning and how Big ticket an Item is it?
Its usually much better to sell a product that costs $10 and pays $8 (80% commission) then a product that sells for $100 and pays $15 (15% commission). The higher the percent of the sale price the better a deal for you as an affiliate usually. Having said this certain hot products may be good to jump onto if you think you can make an easy sale, even if the commission level is low.

What Type of Affiliate Program is is? Straight Line, Multi-Level, or Residual?
Different affiliate programs pay out in different ways and offer different opportunities. The earnings you make per sale may not always be the only thing to consider when choosing an affiliate program. Here are the 3 Main Types of Affiliate setups:

1. Straight Line
These are your typical affiliate programs. They pay a flat rate per sale, and thats it. These are great for people who know how to make quick sales, and can do it over and over again without much trouble.

2. Multi-Level
Multi-Level Affiliate programs, often referred to as MLM's are a way for affiliates to earn from sales, as well as referring other affiliates. Many Multi-Level affiliate programs pay out several levels deep. This means if you refer someone to become an affiliate, they refer someone, and they also refer someone, and they all make sales, you will share in their commissions. Teamearners for example is considered a Multi-Level affiliate program in that it pays $2 per referral, down 5 levels. Be careful though, as many Multi-Level affiliate programs are scams, and potentially illegal in some jurisdictions if they are considered a pyramid scheme. True legitimate Multi-Level affiliate programs actually have a product that is worth the cost, they aren't just selling you the right to be an affiliate. MLMs can be extremely profitable and can eventually lead to not having to make many sales to continue earning large commissions. If you are good at recruiting other affiliates, then these programs can pay off substantially.

3. Residual
An example of a Residual affiliate program would be A vendor that offers an affiliate program for magazine subscriptions, and continuing to pay commission each year for that sale if the person renews their subscription annually. Once again TeamEarners is an example of a residual affiliate program. It is a membership that costs $13 every 6 months. If someone you refer renews their membership in 6 months you get commission for that as well. These programs are for people good at marketing, who want to build a residual stream of revenue so that later on, even if they slow up their affiliate marketing work, they will still be earning commission.

The Internet marketing Niche is extremely competitive
This is because the people doing the marketing in this area are all experts at it. Usually stay away from this area unless you have a unique product you feel will be a must buy for marketers.

Check out the competition
If you want to start selling an ebook about teen weight loss, then do a Google search and see if there are any other ebooks out there for the same thing, or anyone else selling this same product (if it is not a unique product you created). If there is no competition, then you are on the right track, if you think there is a good market for your product. If there are competitors then explore their website, sales techniques, and even buy their product. Is your product you are marketing better, or could you sell the same product in a better way? If so, move forward with your plans.

Check the Google Page Ranks of Competitors
When you do the search for "teen weight loss" or "teen weight loss guide" check out the top 5-10 sites listed in Google. Then check out their pagerank. Do these sites have a high Google PR? Do you think you could rank better then most of these to at least crack the top 10 for this search term? If so, then go forward with your plans. You can quickly check the PageRank of your potential competitors by using Seochat's free online tool at http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php .

The 3 Earning Models:

- Pay-per-Sale

The Pay-per-sale commission structure is exactly what it sounds like. You are paid a percentage based on the sale price of the product you are promoting. The percentage can vary, but for some products the percentage you earn per sale can be up to 90%, meaning for a $100 product, you would earn $90. Some products pay a lot less percentage than this, but accumulatively your earnings can become quite substantial as more sales result from your referrals. Pay Per Sale models are the most frequent models used by companies.

Examples of Places to find Pay per sale affiliate programs are:
- http://Clickbank.com
- http://Linkshare.com
- http://CJ.com

- Pay-per-Lead or Action

Abbreviated CPA often times for "Cost per action". Pay-per-lead programs allow affiliates to earn a set amount if you send a visitor to a merchants site and the visitor completes a required action by the merchant such as signing up for email, free trial, or even a free service. Lead generation is a great way to make money because it usually does not require a purchase by the visitor. In recent years this has been falling out of favor because in general leads have not been leading to as many sales online.

Examples of where to find CPA advertiser affiliate programs at are:
- http://Copeac.com
- http://Azoogle.com
- http://CpaEmpire.com

- Pay-per-Click

Pay-per-click has been falling out of favor over the last few years, but is used for some merchants. Pay-per-click commissions result from a visitor to your site clicking on an ad for the merchant. The price per click is fixed and the visitor usually has to be unique in a specified amount of time.

Examples would be:
- http://adsense.google.com
- http://publishers.yahoo.com
- http://adbrite.com
- http://bidvertise.com

There are other programs that exist, but these three commission structures are the most widely used.

Getting traffic to view your products:

Free Traffic:

Ok, well I wish I could say there was an easy way to get thousands of free hits to your affiliate marketing pages daily, but there really isn't. Just like any website, you need to work your butt off to get traffic.

- Search Engine Optimization - By using various tricks and tips, one can increase their chances of ranking higher in the various search engines, including the most important one, Google.com. There are literally hundreds of little things you can do in order to increase your ranking for various terms and phrases in google. Check out the SEO Guide, and feel free to ask any questions you may have in the Expert help section of out forum.

- Offer Free information to Suck your Buyers In - by offering free guides, free ebooks, or just daily tips on certain things, you can attract a large amount of interested customers to your site. For instance if you are selling products related to mens health, then you can attract visitors and get repeat visitors by writing daily mens health articles. You can then submit these articles to the various free article directories that we discuss at the forums, and add a link to your site in the "about the author" section. Not only will people get to your site by visiting the article directories, but web authors like yourself may publish your article and link to your site on their sites as well.

- There are other great ways to get free traffic that we discuss in another guide that you have access to at: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r205520-.html.

Paid Traffic:

So, you want to make money and have some money to invest? Google Adwords may be for you. http://adwords.google.com. Google will allow you to advertise your webpages in their search listings as well as on other webpages related to your pages. Be careful though and be sure to do a lot of testing before upping your daily budget. As an example of how this works: You have a webpage which sells Hand made chocolate candy. You simply set up a campaign with Adwords so that whenever phrases like "Homemade candy," "Chocolate," "buy chocolate," "buy candy," etc are searched for in Google your ad will come up as well. When someone clicks your ad on Google you will be charged an amount dependent on certain factors, including your maximum bid. Many of the great online affiliate earners are using Adwords as a primary source of their traffic.

A few tips for when you use Adwords to drive traffic to your site:
- When it works and your products convert well, you can scale by raising your daily budget, and thus clicks.

- Try and stay away from top competitive keywords for $1 to $2 per click. It is better to market directly to your Niche since these terms will convert much better then broader terms usually.

Giving away Free Guides/Ebooks in order to Build a List to Later Sell To

One of the best ways to become a big time affiliate marketer, or even gain prospects to sell your own products to is by giving away free products and creating lists. This is one of the most under appreciated marketing tactic there is today. Here are the steps you should follow in an example we give:

You want to sell your an ebook as an affiliate about how to get 6-pack abs.

1. Goto an autoresponder service. Here is a short list of some of the better one:
- http://Aweber.com - Best, with the most features. Touts a 99.34% email sent percentage
- http://www.sparklist.com
- http://prosender.com
- http://www.getresponse.com - Has a free version with ads on bottoms of emails

and signup for their service so that you can create a mailing list. We recommend Aweber, even though they charge a monthly fee for 2 reasons. First, they are very reliable and the service gives you extraordinary tools, and second, they send the emails for you, so you don't have to worry about having your server flagged for spam incorrectly.

2. Set up a website with a solid domain name. Ie. 6-pack-abs.com. On the site give away a free guide about the 5 tips you need to know in order to get on your way to a six-pack. In order for visitors to get your guide, they just give you their Name and Email address. This will put their email address into your Aweber account as a member of your mailing list, and they will automatically be sent the guide you have created.

3. Now, have the autoresponder that is part of the Aweber membership, a few days later, email them seeing if they have started on their way to a six pack. Give them a few more tips.

4. A few days later have the autoresponder email them again and suggest the ebook you are selling, tell them, how it worked for you, why it is such a great buy, and how much it improved your self esteem and body image.

5.Rake in the dough.

All you need to do is bring targeted traffic to your free guide website, either by article writing, Google Adwords, or however else you wish to generate traffic, create your auto responder message series at Aweber.com or a similar autoresponder, mailing list manager, and watch the money begin to come in. Track your conversion rates and change up your sales letters to see which ones work best for your customer base.

Tips to increase your Sale/Traffic Ratio:

There are several ways to make sure you get the most out of the pages which market your products for you:

#1 - Be sure to not overwhelm your viewer. Don't place a dozen products on a page and then give information about them all. What you want is a simple webpage for one product and a description of that product that makes the person want to pull out their credit card right now.

#2 - Act as though the price could go up at any time, and convince them that they must buy the product now to avoid paying a higher price in the future. Once they leave your page the chances of them coming back to buy at a later date is almost zero, so get them while they are there!

#3 - Professionalism - Don't let your viewers know you are just an affiliate for the product. Present to them a professional looking page in a professional manner. You want them to think that your site is the only one where they can buy this product.

#4 - Don't make your customers jump through hoops to finally get to the order page. Each additional page they have to view before typing in their credit card number will decrease your shot of a sale by 25% on average. A simple "Click to purchase link taking them to the companies checkout page is the best way to go.

#5, If possible after the purchase of the product direct your customers to a different, yet complementary product you are selling. Once they have their credit card out and are spending money, they are more likely to spend again within minutes of the initial order. Also be sure to try and collect their email address for your mailing list. Have a link saying something like : Be notified when similar product are made available at xxxxx.com.

#6 Do Not Over Hype a Product - Over hyping a product will, 9 times out of 10, make a person leave your site never to come back. It is one thing to describe the product as something you must have, but another to tell the person their life will change forever and that they must buy the product right away. Just don't overdo your sales pitch.

#7 Turn up Early - Be one of the first to start selling a particular product. This will at least keep the competition out for a little while and let you capitalize on less supply. Some of the top marketers make it a habit of finding the newest products to market and slapping up a professional lookign page within hours.

#8 One very good technique is to gradually lead your visitors towards a purchase. Start out by presenting a problem that they probably have, discuss a solution that has worked for you, and end the sales page or article with a link that is a call to action, such as "How I was helped," or "Find out more". Understand that you, the affiliate, has a job of warming the person up, so that they are ready to buy, not actually selling them on a product. The actual merchants page that you direct them to is supposed to actually sell them on the product. Just make them feel that they need something.

Great places to learn about and share your questions and comments about Affiliate Marketing:

Informational sources (Tips, ideas, strategies, etc)
- http://www.affiliatemarketing101.net - A great guide for affiliate marketers
- http://blog.affiliatetip.com/archive...ffiliate-tips/ - Blog of tips by Top Affiliate Earner Shawn Collins
- http://www.affiliateblog.co.uk - The Affiliate Marketing Blog
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affiliate_marketing - The wikipedia Affiliate marketing page
- http://www.associateprograms.com/directory - Affiliate Program directory of over 10,000 companies
- http://www.affiliates4u.com - Affiliate marketing Portal. Includes forums, blogs and more
- http://www.affiliatemarketerguide.com - Tons of great articles and information on Affiliate marketing

Forums and Affiliate communities:
- http://www.warriorforum.com/forum - Probably the best forum out there for affiliate marketing and web marketing in general
- http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?s=f=22 - Digital Point Affiliate forum
- http://forum.abestweb.com/index.php? - Abestweb comprehensive affiliate forum
- http://www.associateprograms.com/discus/index.php - AssociatePrograms Affiliate marketing forum
- http://www.wickedfire.com/affiliate-marketing - The Wicked Fire Affiliate Forum
- http://www.revenuesource.com - Another informative and active Affiliate Forum
- http://www.webmasterworld.com/advertising - The Webmasterworld Affiliate forum. Many huge earners post here. ...Read More...

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Top Powerful Tactics to Boost Your Affiliate Revenue

Guest Post by Jeen Hao

There are many online money making opportunities now but do you know that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online without your own product? What is the easiest way to make money online without your own product? What you need to do is just promote other merchants products and you will earn commission for every sale or lead you make. It is very easy because you don't need to have your own products, sale page and so on. If you have already involved yourself in affiliate marketing you will definitely want to double or even triple your affiliate revenue, right?

There are many ways to increase your affiliate revenue. In this article, I will tell you some powerful tactics to increase your affiliate revenue.

1. Be Selective
There are millions of affiliate program on the Internet. The mistake most beginners make is join all the affiliate programs which look good for them, without considering the programs will suit their niche or plan. In affiliate marketing, we need to be very selective when choosing the product. You should make sure the product you promote suits your niche and the quality of the product. You can do so by checking the information of the merchant and the testimonials of the product. After that, have a look on the commission paid per sale or lead. Choose a product which have high commissions and pay out is the last step which you should do, not the first step.

2. E-mail Marketing
When it comes to affiliate marketing, the fastest way to make sales is through your own mailing list. So if you have already started building a list, great. If not, start now! What you need is an auto responder service like Aweber or Getresponse. This tactics is meant if you have at least a list. You can offer something free to attract more readers to subscribe your mailing list. A good example is giving out your free e-book when readers subscribe your mailing list. After you have a huge mailing list, you can promote your affiliate product via your mailing list. A time-sensitive bonus is always a good idea.

3. Blogs
I believe many people know about this tactic. As you can see, many bloggers place the affiliate link and sales graphic in their blogs. However, do they make money just by placing the link or picture in their blogs without doing other thing? I bet no. You should first send traffic to your blog. Increase your blog traffic before your do anything else. When your blog have many targeted readers, you can make a post to promote an affiliate product. Try not to use the solo ads given by the merchant. This is because your readers may have seen the article somewhere else before that. This will make you lose sales. Try to write your own powerful article or ad to attract more buyers.

4. Ebook
Promote your affiliate products via ebook is also a powerful tactic that you may sue and it can work with email marketing. You can write your own ebook, which you give out free for those who subscribe to your mailing list. You may out your affiliate links in the ebook yo generate more sales. This may probably double or even triple your sales if many people grab your free ebook. Your need not worry that there will be no people grabbing your free ebook, because human like free stuff.

5. Thank You Pages or Emails
You may recommend affiliate products in your thank you pages, thank you emails. always give a recommendation yo your readers and subscribers after you've said thank you for joining e-zine or buying a product. This tactic is very useful because you are promoting products to targeted readers. Besides, an "Error 404 Page" also a place which can put your affiliate links.

These are the powerful tactics that you may try. No harm to give some tries. Backend every method that you use after that will give you a long-term income. Do not keep promoting the same product. You may make some changes after weeks. The most important is consistency. Never give up because if you quit, you will fail definitely.

Author Bio
Find out what I am doing by following my Twitter. Follow my blog for more make money blogging and make money online tips and tactics. If you need to know more about making money online stuff, don't forget to subscribe my email updates so that you will not miss any post. ...Read More...

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Free 116 Page Money Making E-book for You

Here's is an early Christmas gift for you:This is a new e-book with a lot of good content inside. It is a comprehensive guide that can help you to start a low cost online business to make money on the Internet. You will benefit from reading this e-book whether you are a beginner or already started an online business.

You need to know and understand the basic fundamentals of online business in order to get started. This e-book will help you learn the basics as fast as possible.

You don't have to invest a lot and create your own product because you can take advantage of affiliate programs and resell rights (promoting other people products). You will learn it in step-by-step.

Other important aspects like setting an effective website, choosing the right domain name, strategies and methods to profit from your online business are also covered in this book.

Download a free copy of Mining Your Fortune On The Internet now and find out everything you need to know in order to start your very own money making online business. ...Read More...

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How Making Money Online Is Easy When You Know The Basics First

Guest Post by Jim Wilson

Making money online is really quite simple once you have the basics down. You need to learn to walk before you expect to run a marathon, so goes, the business of making money online. The best way to make money online, is to learn from the newspaper boy who stands on the busy street corner selling papers.

You see the newspaper boy is young and knows very little about the world, yet he goes about his task of selling his papers, calling out; "Get Your Paper, Breaking News! Get Your Paper Now!" His only task, is to sell the information that is contained within the papers he peddles. He knows little of the information contained inside the newspapers, but he knows that selling his information is his primary goal.

Selling information, is primarily what the business of information online is all about. The need to know and the instant access, has made making money online a multi-billion dollar business. To get your share of this wonderful business of making money online, is readily available and a simple task, once you learn the basics of making money online.

The myth that it "takes money, to make money" is just that, a myth. You can sell other people's products and information, receive a generous payment, and repeat this process indefinitely. The more you continue to learn along the way, the better you become at your online efforts. Just be sure and learn the basics and you'll succeed much faster at making money online.

Author Bio
If you are seriously considering making money online, learning the basics of online marketing and how to get started absolutely free, you owe it to yourself to get the right information from someone who knows and has succeeded at making money online. ...Read More...

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Duplicatable Systems Are a Must Have For Network Marketers

uest Post by Greg Mangin

It's an unfortunate truth that a person cannot be duplicated. Your unique blend of personality, skill, expertise, and persuasion makes you a successful salesperson. But you can't clone your traits and pass them on to your protégés. Instead, you have to find or develop a duplicatable system that can be used again and again for repeated success for all of the network marketers in your downline.

Why is a duplicatable system so important? Think of the outdated network marketing model that began with your friends and family. Marketers were advised to recruit the people they knew and loved. But this made for some awkward and uncomfortable moments on both sides. What if the marketer's friends and family weren't interested in the venture? Would they cause tension by saying, "Thanks, but no thanks"? What if they signed on because they felt obligated, but their hearts weren't in it? Plus, this system is very limited. Once you run out of friends and family, what do you do? Become a salesperson making cold calls, that's what.

Now let's compare that model to a duplicatable system of the past. It used to be a popular strategy to hand out audio tapes at network marketing seminars. Why? Because that approach took advantage of targeted marketing; that is, the people who were being marketed to already had a proven interest in network marketing, or else they wouldn't have been at the seminar. Targeted marketing has a proven advantage over cold calling or other non-targeted approaches.

Secondly, the audio tape tactic was duplicatable. Anyone could record an audio tape full of useful information to be distributed. And anyone could accept such a tape, listen to it, and decide to join in on the action. It was a convenient strategy that didn't turn marketers into uncomfortable salespeople. It worked.

Fast forward to the era of Web 2.0 marketing. If you want to be a success, you've got to have a system with a proven success rate. It's not enough to build a web site and hope that people will visit it; you've got to entice them into stopping by, browsing around, and, eventually, signing up. If readers see valuable content on your site, they'll spend more time there and they will return - with friends. So be sure to give them something valuable as a reward. One popular duplicatable system involves e-book downloads.

Picture it: a reader stops by your site and sees a link to a free download. They read through a quick preview of the e-book's contents and decide that it sounds like a good way to spend their time. They download the e-book, read it, and get blown away by the specific helpful advice they find inside. Hyped up by what they read, they return to your site and leave comments, ask questions in the message forum, or share helpful information of their own. Now you've got a lead on someone who really wants the help you have to offer. Get a dialogue going, get them recruited, and share your system with them.

Doesn't that sound a lot better than hitting up friends and family members? Not everyone can work up the courage to tap a cold market, but anyone can post a link to an e-book on their blog or web site. Your recruits will use the same system to recruit others, building your downline and theirs in a replicating system of income. That's the beauty of a duplicatable system in action, and that's why you need one now.

Author Bio
Greg Mangin is a professional engineer and network marketer coaching a team of profit conscious entrepreneurs to make an income from home. Greg can be contacted through his website where you can get your own duplicatable, branded, customizable marketing system at http://blogs.MLMglobalDomination.com?t=mminfo or personally at 812-582-039. ...Read More...

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