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How to make Money with GDI

Guest post by Chester Chen

Internet has not only revolutionized the way we communicate with each other but it has also revolutionized our way of earning money too. With the advent of online marketing various avenues o making money through internet has opened up. One such quintessential way to earn online money is through affiliate marketing. GDI or Global Domain International is a great affiliate marketing network with mammoth potential. Those who can truly appraise the potential of GDI and can dedicate themselves towards it can surely reap long term monetary benefits.

If you are new in the arena of internet marketing and are still wondering what is this Affiliate marketing all about then you need not be flabbergasted any more. Affiliate marketing a process in which a business owner rewards his affiliates who help him in bringing visitors or customers with their comprehensive marketing efforts. Thus, affiliate marketing refers to a close working relation between different companies or organization towards a common goal of online marketing of products or services.

GDI is a affiliate marketing network per excellence. More than 8450 members have already joined GDI marketing system. The main GDI product is .ws domain names which are alternative to .com.

Making money with GDI is no rocket science all you need is some patience and some marketing strategy. You will be given detailed training if you decide to join GDI affiliate network. You have to find those people who are interested in what you are offering through the GDI system. However, you have to be diligent in finding out your target market because not every one is a GDI prospect. You can even earn commission when you encourage your friends and acquaintances to join as GDI affiliates. When you join GDI affiliate network you get a highly duplicable proven system where every GDI member can make money. Many GDI affiliate networks would provide you with full assistance with SIG texts, Splash Pages and much more which would help you to build you own GDI team virally in little time.

Author Bio:
Do you have a proven system to make money with GDI? It's your turn.
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Why most People Fail at Making Money from Blogs?

Guest post by Kaiser Mangampo

Everyone loves making money. Some people love blogging but only few of them are making money from it.

Most of the newcomers to blogging want the “magic pill”. They ask: ‘Tell me how to make money blogging’, but what they are really asking is this: ‘Tell me how to make money from blogging really fast with little to no effort put in it’. Doesn’t that sound unrealistic? But that’s the way most people think in our society.

Blogging is a steady growing process, a steady growing skill. The golden-profit era from AdSense is long gone, there is lots of competition in virtually any niche and there are hundreds of people who copy your content and get away with it; even make money from it. Face it - chances of you earning money from a blog are quite slim if you don’t want to invest your time in it.

It’s not your fault that you want instant gratification, instant profits and instant talent in writing. It’s our modern society on its finest – stimulation without any investment other than money; stimulation that comes easy and with little thought applied, these are things people seek for, these are the things that the people are taught to seek for. People were taught that it’s the way stuff works since the time when they were still lying in their cradles and wondering about the color of the ceiling!

Humans in our capitalism society are taught that you can and should receive instant stimulation right away; there is no need for long-term actions, for long-term thinking and changes. Take a look at any popular magazine. What does it offer to its readers? Of course – instant stimulation, instant pleasure – funny pictures, beautiful people, landscapes and other things that don’t require much thought.

The way it relates to blogging is simple – most of the bloggers I know aren’t willing to work hard to succeed. They’re not lazy. They just were taught from birth that they don’t need to apply much work to achieve their goals. That’s what’s sickening about our society – no one thinks ahead. But you should. That’s the way it works. You go out there, find a niche, write on it, attract readers and only then you gain considerable revenues. The time it takes for your blog to stand out may vary, don’t expect results right away, but you’ll see slow, gradual progress, which is exactly what blogging is about.

Author Bio
Kaiser Mangampo, an Internet Marketer, Blogger @ (Make Money Blog) and SEO consultant from Philippines.
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Three Tips for Profiting with PLR Products

PLR products offer a great way for people to quickly and easily make money online. They often come as a package complete with sales letters and images. Upon acquiring PLR products, it would then be up to you to determine how best you can make money out of them. Below are a few tips you could use to ensure massive profits with PLR products.

1) Sell Them as They Are

Because most PLR products are already packaged with sales letters and images, you can effortlessly make money online out of them by selling them they way you purchased them. All you would need to do is publish all available materials on your website and you can begin selling.

2) Use Them as Incentives

Offering PLR products for free is a great way to increase the value of another product you have on offer. This works especially well with membership sites where people are more likely to sign up if there are bonuses involved. Before you do this, make sure that you have the right to do so by reading through the terms provided by the publisher you purchased the products from. As long as you have master resell rights over the products, you can essentially do whatever you want with them. That means you can give them away for free in order to augment the sales of your own online business.

3) Create Your Own Package

Among the very best ways to make massive profits with PLR products is to collect a good number of related products and sell them as a package. This will allow you to charge a higher price and make much more money compared to what you can gain if you sold them individually.

These are just three of the most popular ways to quickly and easily make money online using PLR products. PLR products can be used in many more ways to make money online and it is up to you to determine what will work best for your online business.
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Money Making Programs - "They Just Want The Money"

Guest Post by Carael Knight

Warning: This article may strike a few as being "too direct" and if this offends you in any way, then this article is not for you but a lot of times, when people are looking for a way to make some extra CASH from home, they just want the money! From lotions and potions, juices, urbes and spices, to all the different products (stuff) that is basically "stuff" no one really wants or needs', everyone gets involved in it for the money! This is the bottom line. They want something that is "cash driven", period. They don't care about the products they sell. They don't want to talk to nobody, they don't want to sell anything to nobody! They don't want to persuade or convince anyone. They don't have time to learn some nonsense training course that will take forever to learn and make money. 95 to 98 percent of the people who want to supplement their income and make extra cash need the money and they need the money right now "like yesterday"! They just want the money! They want CASH.

Money Talk 101: Lets Get To The Money!!!

I'll make this clear so that any person with any logic can fully understand this concept. All of these $50, $100, $200, and even $400 programs are really meaningless! That's right meaningless! The reason I say this is because in most money making programs, in order for you to actually make a substantial income, you have to sell a lot in volume. Whereas, with high ticket programs you can and will see profit with just a few signups! This is where you make some "REAL" money.

Another way you can and will make real money from home is through residual high ticket programs. For example, if you market a $500 - $3500 program, all you would really need to be in profit is 2 - 3 sales. Two sales at $500 is $1000 and/or two sales at $3500 is $7,000! This is where some "serious" money can quickly add up.

See The FREE video here.

: Lets Make Some "REAL" Money
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How To Make Money By Blog Commenting

uest post by Abdulrehman Agha

While many of you will be surprised after reading this, but there are many people who are making money by blog commenting. If you want to learn how to make money by blog commenting, then please read forward. Well the basic logic behind it is: Webmasters and Bloggers pay people for commenting on blogs to get them traffic and/or backlinks. You must be knowing about the dofollow commenting craze. Well getting a few of those dofollow comments to people would actually pay you off.

A better way of making money by blog commenting would be to break it up into smaller tasks and doing the work systematically. Basically we need to do three things:
1) Make up a big list of dofollow blogs (at least 100)
2) Find your market
3) Create smooth functionality and Make Money

Make up a big list of dofollow blogs

First of all you need to gather as many dofollow blogs as possible. You can check the list of dofollow blogs and get almost all of the dofollow blogs out there. To avoid problems in the future you can check out the blogs to see if there are any blogs which are not supporting do-follow anymore so that you don't waste time at a later time and modify it the way you want. Now save them and make sure they are accessible to you whenever you want.

Find you Market

I will usually recommend Digitalpoint or Sitepoint for this purpose, although any webmaster forum would work well. It is advisable to keep your eyes open for customers on at least 10-15 forums because diversifying will increase your target customers. Next, you can also send general emails to webmasters whom you think might be interested in your service, this will usually get you some positive replies for people interested in your services.

Create smooth functionality and Make Money

One thing that will be quite clear is that you will not make a lot of money with individual comments and hence you'll need to make your work very smooth in order to make some real money by commenting. That is, you'll sell comments in multiples of 5 and 10 like 10, 15, 20. You might fix your rates on something like this:

-$6 per 5 dofollow comments.
-Get 5 free do-follow comments if order is more than 50 comments.
-Get 15 free comment if order is more than 100 comments.

That deal is fair enough and you can easily attract quite a lot of webmasters. Usually one comment should not take longer than 3 minutes to write, so let's have a break-down of potential earnings considering we get an order of about 50 comments a day:

-Money earned -> $6x10 = $60.
-Time taken -> 3x50 = 2 hours 30 minutes.
-Pay rate -> $24 per hour.

Not bad eh? Also note that comments can be written in less than 2 minutes and your orders will only increase with time hence making you even more money. The potential is in front of you, and it can be adapted to make some easy money which does not involve too much time. But, you will never make any money is your primary commenting service contains even a small part of spam, be human and your service will become more commendable and you will get more orders! More articles on this topic will be posted in the future, so stick around.

Author Bio
Abdulrehman Agha is a 15-year old blogger from Make Money On Internet blog 3arn.Net who teaches how to make money and discusses tips and techniques similar to the one taught in this article above.
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