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How To Improve SERPS by Increasing One-Way Links

Guest post by Lee Ka Hoong

As we know, strong and quality one-way link is the factor that improves our SERPS for our blog, of course optimize backlinks for keyword that you would like rank well. In order to make money online using AdSense, higher SERPS is the only way to achieve your goal. So, build more quality one-way link by doing the following steps, it's not 100% works but at least you gain something (link juice) :

1) Directory submission
Directory submission is one of the easiest ways to get one way links to a website. It's difficult to gain traffic but you can get one-way link by submitting your blog to blog directories.

2) Forums posting
It's better if you can find some forums that allow you insert your link in your signature, it's the best if the links are do-follow. You can gain traffics, at the mean time you gain some quality backlinks too.

3) Dofollow blogs
In blogosphere, not every blog give do-follow attribute to your comment, you won't gain any link juice by commenting but you can gain some referral traffics too. I've gone through the net and found this list.

4) Guest posting
Guest post is one of the great and awesome way in getting strong one-way link and traffics. I've been submitting a guest post to Liew and gain some traffics as well. It takes times, but it's good. You can consider to submit a guest post to my Make Money Online blog too. So far, I found that this is the most effectiveness way in building long term one-way link to blogs and websites.

5) Pinging sites
After you've posting your article, use pinging services to get more visibility and links for your blog.

6) Article submission
You can use article websites like ezinearticles, americanchronicle, findarticles, goarticles, articlecity etc kind of top article submission websites to get quality links and visitors for your sites.

7) Social media marketing
Create strong profile on social media sites like Digg, propeller, Reddit, Newsvine and submit your favorite stories there.

By following the tips, you can see the improvement on your SERPS and traffics. I found these useful because I've tried them personally. Kindly drop a comment and add in the rest if you have more tips.

Author Bio:
Lee is a part time blogger who own a blog that write about how to Make Money Online.
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