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5 Google Adsense Alternatives

Guest post by Justin Vanhove

Google Adsense is a great tool that webmasters can use to make money with their website. They way it works is you copy and paste a code on to your web pages that Google supplies you with. Then google searches its database of ads and posts them to the web pages you put the code on. You get paid each time someone clicks on that ad. Google and the publisher split the revenue It is referred to as pay per click and is a great way to make money with a website.

However, google is no longer the only pay per click ad network that webmasters can use to make money from clicks of visitors on their site. Google was the first to come up with this method, but recently there has been a rise in ad networks like this. Many webmasters are switching to a different ad network and seeing surprising results. They are earning more money per click.

This is actually not surprising seeing that Google announced last year that it was cutting back the percentage publishers earned per click(translates to Google keeps more of the profit share). This results in publishers making less money since they only get paid when someone clicks. This is why you should take a look into some alternatives to Google adsense.

Here is a list of 5 alternatives to Adsense

1. Yahoo
2. Pepperjam
3. Adbrite
4. Adsmart
5. Chikita

Yahoo is probably the best out of those 5. Many people report that yahoo pays more per click than Google does which is not surprising. What sets Yahoo apart from other Google Adsense alternatives is that it has a large amount of advertisers. This means that a visitor is less likely to see the same ad on multiple pages. This ultimately leads to more clicks which leads to more money. The other small publishers may provide some great short term success because they pay a lot per click since they just got into the game and are looking to build up business.

Aside from making more money you might have a different reason for switching to a alternative. Google is notorious for shutting down people's for click fraud. When someone clicks on their own ads it is called click fraud. When Google things one is clicking their own ads they shut off their account and it is difficult or impossible to get your account back. The bad part about this policy is that often times a sites visitor repeatably clicks on ads to get that persons account shut off. If you experience this you will want to look for a Google Adsense alternative because getting your account reopened can be difficult.

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