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Make Money Online Writing Hubpages

Guest post by Justin Vanhove

If you are looking to make some quick cash online or build some valuable inbound links to your website(or both) you should consider writing hubpages. Hubpages are one of the easiest ways to make money online. Writing a hubpage is virtually the same thing as writing an article but with way more benefits. Most people distribute articles to articles directories for free in exchange for a link to their website.

Then the article directories get to cash in on all your hard work and make money by placing ads next to your article while all you get is 2 inbound links. Well, with a hubpage you get that same valuable link to your website or blog, but you get to keep the money the article makes. Instead of being limited to two links in a small resource box at the bottom of the article you get to place as many links as you want, wherever you want.

Hubpages is a website that allows members to write as many article (referred to as hub pages) and place as many links to their website as they want. The article do not have to be approved and are instantly published with the click of a mouse. Even better, you can still customize your pages with bullets, bold lettering, links, and much more if you know zero html. This website is set up so even the most inexperienced internet marketers can achieve success in making money online and raising link popularity.

5 Ways You Can Make Money Online With A Hubpage

  • Google Adsense Ads
  • Kontera Text Link Ads
  • Sell Amazon Products
  • Post eBay Affiliate Products
  • Post Your Own Links To Affiliate Products
My Success With Hubpages
I started writing hub pages at first just to gain some valuable inbound links to my website to raise my link popularity and increase my search engine rankings. Since I already had a google ad sense I decided I might as well place ads on it can collect a small amount of change. I did not expect to make much money or really any money for that matter.

In 6 months I made $250 from Google ad sense ads alone. It was a pleasant surprise . After that I decided to incorporate all the other monetization models hub pages offers into all my articles. The result was just what I expected. I went from making about $1.50 per day to around $5 per day(roughly $100 a month) when I averaged in the additional revenue from the Kontera text links, amazon products, eBay products, and links I placed to affiliate products.

While it is not much money, it certainly beats writing articles for free and seeing none of the revenue. If you have written any article for article distribution I would recommend distributing those article to hub pages as well. You will earn a fair share of revenue from them not to mention tons of valuable inbound links.

Author Bio
Justin Vanhove is an expert in the field of e-commerce. If you liked this article and want to learn more effective ways to make money online you can click on one of the links in this resource box to go directly to his personal website. There you will find 100s more free ways to make money online. All information is 100% free and aimed to help you succeed with legitimate opportunities.
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